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The Follow Up

The Follow Up
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Your Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Would you blow your entire annual marketing budget on
just one ad to run once during the Superbowl?

Of course you wouldn’t. You know that people seeing your
message just once wouldn’t be enough.

Then why do we tend to spend our time and dollars on
single-shot marketing, rather than repeated messages?

The answer is… most folks just don’t know any better. Or,
perhaps it seems boring to repeat your message over and
over and over and over.

But the truth is, your fortune is in the follow-up!

One weekend I was able to hear direct marketing master
Bill Glazer (marketing mentor who runs Glazer-Kennedy
Inner Circle..along with Dan Kennedy) speak at a
conference in Los Angeles. During his talk, he shared
with the audience how he spent the last few decades of
his life running Baltimore’s #1 retail men’s clothing
store, Gage Menswear, along with his late father.

Bill talked about one of his first direct mail campaigns,
and how during the planning stages he announced to his
dad that they were going to mail a special promotional
offer to the same list not once, not twice, but three
times. His father was appalled and yelled at Bill that
he was crazy and was wasting their money!

Bill persisted and mailed all three pieces of the
campaign. Well, their results revealed that mailing
the exact same offer three times not only increased their
response, it DOUBLED their response! Pop was floored, and
he sure was delighted with the flurry of sales that came
in. From that point on he also trusted Bill with their
marketing dollars.

It’s simple… people are inundated with messages every
day. Last statistic I heard was each of us sees over 3,700
distinct messages a day! That means you need to repeat
yourself over and over if you’re going to break through
the clutter, actually get their attention, get them to
read or listen AND get them to respond.

Your assignment is to now look at all areas of your
marketing and advertising in your business, and see where
you need to add some follow-up.

Some quick places to look at:

Your Ezines

Are you publishing your ezine enough? Once a month just
doesn’t cut it anymore. You should be reaching out and
“touching” your prospects and customers at least once a
week, if not more.

Teleseminars and Live Events

When promoting events, you’re going
to need many more than one or two announcements or
mailings. As a general rule, when I’m really trying to
fill up a teleseminar (phone seminar) I sent out at least
three emails dedicated to the promotion. For live events,
you need dozens of messages, and well ahead of time. Most
of the trainers I know start marketing no less than six
months ahead of any live event they’re hosting!

One-on-One Marketing

If you cold call or mail out letters to prospects, how
many times are you following up? Don’t be afraid to call
or mail again. I myself have finally responded to an offer
after I’ve been contacted several times, and was glad the
vendor took the initiative to follow-up.


Instead of blowing your budget on a few large ads per
year, try running a smaller ad much more often! Also,
most publications, both online and offline, will usually
give you big discounts for purchasing more than one ad at
a time.

Remember, many marketing experts who test all these
strategies say that repetition is the key. So don’t even
feel you have to be creative with your marketing – just
saying or mailing the same thing over and over is better
than not saying it or mailing it again.

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