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Internet Marketing Secret

Internet Marketing Secret
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Internet Marketing Secret – How to Double Your Sales

What if you could double your sales overnight by applying
just one Internet marketing secret?

One of the greatest secrets of direct marketing is that
it is scientific. With many forms of advertising, you
cannot tell which ad or marketing campaign produced the
results. But smart direct marketers know exactly which
ad or sales letter produced what results because the
results are tracked and measured.

Direct marketers have a secret they have been using to
double their income or more for a hundred years. And
when this marketing secret is combined with the power
and speed of Internet marketing, the results can be
phenomenal. It is not an exaggeration to say that you
could potentially double your sales overnight with this
one Internet marketing secret.

What’s the secret? Split testing. This is done by using a
“key” to associate a sale with the ad or sales letter that
produced the sale so that you can measure the results. In
a print ad, you might provide a phone number with an
extension. The extension is actually the key. You would
have two ads or sales letters, each with a different key,
and would then track the results using their respective
keys. Internet marketers typically use tracking software to
associate a key with the resulting sales, although it can
be done as simply as having two sales pages and tracking
the sales from each.

For accurate results, you need a test that is big enough
that you can rely on your statistics. For example, with a
direct mail sales letter this is generally considered to
be a mailing of at least 1000. Internet marketers can
substitute 1000 page views. Either way, once you know what
results you can consistently expect from an ad or sales
letter, it becomes what direct marketers call your control.
You always need to have one control that produces known
results. Then you can test other versions against the
control to see if you can consistently beat the results of
the control.

Suppose that you have a web sales letter that
consistently produces an average of 10 sales for every
1000 times the page is viewed. This is a 1% response, a
figure that is often cited as average for a direct
response sales letter.

Now you need to test one variable at a time to see if you
can increase the percentage of sales. For example, you may
want to test the sales letter with a different headline, a
different graphic, a different price, different bonuses,
different text, etc. But always only test one variable at
a time. Generally, the headline is considered to be the
most important element to test first.

What you want to determine is whether any change in a
single variable will consistently produce a higher
response. The payoff can be quite significant. Imagine if
a different headline was determined to produce a 2%
response. That doesn’t sound like much of a change, only
1% more. But this would double your sales! Instead of
making 10 sales out of a thousand, you would be making
20 sales.

This is a very realistic scenario, so you always want to
test against your control. The better your control, the
more tests will fail to beat it. But once you find a sales
letter that consistently beats the control, then you make
it the new control and continue with testing another
variation of the headline or a different variable. Perhaps
you might next test whether the color of the headline makes
a difference. Suppose that changing the color of the
headline resulted in another 1% increase in sales to a 3%
response rate. This would be another 50% increase in sales
and would be triple the number of sales averaged from the
original sales letter!

It is very easy to be complacent with a working sales
letter and not test further, but this can be a costly
mistake. Any change in a variable could result in higher
profits. For example, suppose that you determined that
you consistently had a 1% response rate when selling your
product for $97 but a 2% response rate when selling the
product for $67. For every 1000 page views, you would
make $970 at $97 per sale but $1340 at $67 per sale.

Always track your response rate, always keep split
testing against your control looking for a new control
and always consider the bottom line, your net profit.
Many tests will fail as they will not beat your control.
But once you have a successful test that consistently
beats your control, you will likely have significantly
increased your income. Without split testing, you will
never know how much money you are losing. But with this
internet marketing secret, you can potentially double
your sales overnight.

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