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Enhance Your Website Position

Enhance Your Website Position
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Most of the people looking for products and services on
the net, hunt for websites via major search engines such
as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Optimizing your website for
higher search engine positioning is to allure mass to
drive towards your website that is the likely to be your
prospective buyer. To generate considerable traffic to
your website it requires higher positioning in initial
pages of search engines.

Here, I have given some key tips to dip you in the
technical aspects available on the net to assist how to
optimize your website.

The Title

Whatever text you put in the title, will be reviewed in
the reverse bar of the browser when people view the web
page. So place suitable title according to your business
and products.

Description Meta Tag

Major search engines that support Meta tags will usually
depict the description tag with the title in the results.
Search engines many times hold the entire Meta tag of the
description field. The webmasters should keep in mind
that the description tags must be short to grab the
attention of a user.


You should research deeply before finalizing keywords, as
it is the most important factor in website optimization.
Each keywords weight, rate, size, status and proximity all
have an effect on the ranking. You should optimize all
these key factors cautiously. Examining the top ten
ranking websites content and ranking factors will assist
you to optimize your website.


The content of your website should be informative that
provides people come to acknowledged about new things or
be interested in. This will result revisiting of the mass
at your website. Try to make your content keywords rich to
drive search engines to pick up your site. Use appropriate
keywords according to your business or services you offer.

Create Website Sitemap

Make complete site map of your website, contain all the
links of main pages of your website. So the search engine
robots could explore your entire website.

Publish Articles and Newsletter/Press Releases

Writing and publishing is one of the best ways of
marketing your website on internet. It helps to generate
substantial traffic to your website. You can submit
articles to e-zines, article directories, web sites and
magazines that offer article submissions. Don’t forget to
include your business information and contact address at
the bottom of the article. Use keyword article submission
in your search.

Post Ads

You can place your ads on free advertising and classified
ad sites, free links sites, newsgroups, which offers ads


The most effectual method to make your pages important
for the search engine crawlers, creating links to other
sites with yours. It makes your website worthwhile for
the search engines. The more links at your website the
more significant website is considered, and will be
rewarded with higher page ranks.

However, not all links are considered valuable by the
search engines. The search engine will consider links
more valuable if they are from sites that are having
higher page ranks and also offers similar area of
interest as yours.Use keyword free link exchange in
your search.

Submit Website to search Engines

After optimizing your website, its time to submit it to
all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc,
after all for this only you have optimized your website.
There are many websites that provide manual free
submission to almost all the main search engine. Use
keyword website submission in your search.

Submit to the directories

Search engines and directories are different. Do not mix
them. Be very careful while submitting your website to a
directory. Read the directory’s submission directions
with full presence of mind. You can submit to directories
like DMOZ and also paid directories like Yahoo. Use web
directory submission in search.

Regular Inspection of Your Website

Once you achieve targeted page ranks and positions in
search engine, don’t become lousy. After all it’s not
forever. You should keep an eye on your contenders
activities. If you are not satisfied with search engine
ranking results, you should optimize your website more
to attain higher search engines ranking position.

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