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How To Find a Niche Market for Work at Home

How To Find a Niche Market for Work at Home
Copyright © Craig Warren

Below are some solid informational tips for stay at home
workers on starting their home based business in 30 minutes
a day. The idea is to create a niche market, or find a
market that is missing something that you can provide,
and market this over the internet.

To begin with you should consider some things like, what
are you really good at? What would you love to do for a
full-time job? These two questions are really important
to finding your niche market, if you don’t like what you
do, you might as well not bother doing it, look for
something that you love doing, like talking about your
kids? What ever it is research it, find out what your
industry is missing, it could be anything, lack of
information? When you have determined this you have
found your niche.

Write down ideas as you get them about you niche market,
it doesn’t matter what they are, just write them down so
you don’t forget them, then you can ponder them later.
Here are some more ideas for finding your niche market:

Improving an Existing Market

Is there a product that you could make better, for example
imagine baby food, if you could make baby food that tasted
good, had all of the nutrients and minerals in to help
babies grow up healthy and you could produce this at a
competitive price, you would really be on to something!

Adapt an Existing Market

Adapt or change something about a product to make it more
marketable, an ideal example of this is making a fat-free
chocolate cake that tastes just as good as a regular chocolate
cake and market it to people wanting to lose weight? Although
this has been done before, it was a good idea when it was new.

Repackage a Product

This can be good, but competition is fierce, as a lot of people
are already doing this, a good idea is not to limit yourself to
just one product, offer a few repackaged items, for example
e-books to your niche market.

Solve a Problem

Find out what people are talking about in your niche market,
figure out the problems that people are having, or what is missing
in the industry and develop a service or product that will fill
the need. A good way to find out this sort of information is to
visit related message boards, forums and blogs to see what people
are talking about.

Tap into a Trend

Keep an eye out for what’s hot, what are people interested in,
there are trends started every day, all that you need to do is tap
into them, and you have a ready market or a demand, begging for a
product or service.

Once you have found your niche market, and found which angle
you are going to market it from, it is time to start work on
how to get your new niche market internet business off of the

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The Art Of Making Fast Money

The Art Of Making Fast Money
Copyright © Craig Warren

In the immortal words of the great Zig Ziglar, “Money isn’t
the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close
to oxygen on the gotta have it scale. In this article I’m
going to refine your understanding about money. One of
my greatest insights and valuable observations is to accept
that money is not all the same. There are different species
of money, you can divide money into 3 groups. Fast money,
hourly money and credit money. The first is not based or
connected to time, the other two are completely based
around time.

Immediately we can observe when looking at these three species
of money that one is very desirable and the other two are
worse and much worse. One stands head and shoulders above the
other two and is the key to wealth. The other two lead to a
life of daily role and the poor house respectively.

Credit money

Money you borrow to buy certain pleasures in life is the worst
kind of money. Not surprisingly it is very closely connected to
hourly money because to get credit money you must prove that
you have hourly money (a job). Then you can have access to credit

The point of credit money is to exchange time for the interest
you pay. In other words, you can buy that car today and pay for
it later. For a compounded interest rate of 10% to 20% you buy
tomorrow’s savings today. For people who prefer hourly money
this type of transaction can seem highly desirable. You don’t
have to wait 5 years to save for that car because you can have
it now. The problem with credit money is the same problem that
one gets with hourly money but much worse. Not only are we
selling our precious time for money, but now we are selling and
committing tomorrow’s time for money today.

Hourly Money

This is the most obvious way to make money for people.
Hourly labor for hourly money. 90% of the world’s population gets
their money this way. A very inefficient way to get your money
but you get it for sure. Security of a pay check is the number
one reason why people strive to get hourly money.

Before reading this article, you may have never even thought about
the three species of money. You may have not even considered that
there is another type of money but hourly money and credit money.
But there is. Fast money is what the 10% wealthy people strive for.
The financial owners of planet Earth, the 10% cream of financial
circles create money they don’t work for it.

Fast Money

The art of authentic creation The art of fast money can be boiled down
to one specific and it’s that it’s not connected to time. In this
strange world, $100,000 in 10 minutes is nothing unusual. A million
dollars in an afternoon is typical. $30,000 in 2 days is nothing special.
You may balk at these time frames and amounts but that is the point of
this species of money. The time component is totally irrelevant.

So if hourly money and credit money are intrinsically centered around
time…what is fast money centered around?


Fast money is not made by mindless time counting. Fast money is made by
delivering solutions. An example of this can be found in the old dentists
joke. A guy goes in to have a tooth removed and the dentist tells the
fellow it will cost $1200 to remove. The fellow replies, well how long
will it take? The dentist replies 2 minutes. The poor guy is incredulous,
you mean to tell me that you want $1200 for 2 minutes work? The dentist
replies, well sir, if u want me to take an hour doing it I can do that

You see the old fellow needed a solution to his problem. The dentist had
that solution and had the tools to achieve the solution in 2 minutes. The
fellow wanted a solution to his problem and that is what he was paying for,
not the time spent, as his dentist adeptly pointed out.

Fast money and the art of finding and getting fast money can be found by
finding people with urgent and pressing problems.

To get involved in this amazing fast money world, you must seek out these
types of people. Find these types situations and begin providing your own
unique and authentic solutions to get paid fast.

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The Keys To Success In Business

The Keys To Success In Business
Copyright © Craig Warren

Success in business has nothing whatsoever to do with
salesmanship, little to do with knowledge of your
company’s products or services.

It is owing to some far more basic fundamental principles
which will determine your success or failure at anything
you do in life.

They are your A,B,Cs, Attitude, Belief and Consistency.
Taking them in reverse order.

We get up every morning, we brush our teeth wash, get
dressed have breakfast. We are consistent in our actions.
We do it every day. We need to do the same in being
consistent with our tasks associated with our business
for the days that we have chosen we are going to work,
be it 1 or 7 days a week. We need the 6 marbles in our
left pocket or left side of our bag and transfer 1
marble to the other side every time we have carried
out a positive action i.e. seeing a customer, talking
to someone about the business, etc. We need to do
it consistently. We need to have transferred all 6 marbles
(better still 10) by the end of the day. We need to
concentrate on the actions not on the result. I’ll repeat
that, we need to concentrate on the actions not on the

When we go mountain climbing, if we would continually
look at the summit we would soon trip up and fall. We
need to concentrate on every step at a time, one after
the other and as surely as the sun goes down we will
reach our summit.

An absolute and genuine belief in our business, its products
and services and what it can give its customers.

Possibly the most important of these three but useless on its
own. It’s no good having the best attitude in the world if ones
sitting on ones own in a closed room not talking to anyone. So
what is attitude apart from how one feels about oneself and
others. I describe it like this.

Your face is transparent, totally transparent and your attitude
shines through whether its positive or negative. The first second
that a prospective customer sees you maybe even before you
see him, your attitude comes through. The customer sees it, maybe
only subconsciously and will react accordingly. We all know that
the first thing any salesperson has to sell is themselves even
before they open their mouth. If they can’t sell themselves they
might as well turn round and go home and go back to bed. If they
can’t sell themselves they wouldn’t be able to sell packet of peanuts
or a Mars bar.

So when we get up in the morning and do our consistency things lets
get a really big warm smile from within feeling good about ourselves
and keep that all day. When we go about our business we need to keep
out good attitude with us. If we can’t also be in the place where we
are physically there’s no point being there in the first place. Its
easier to ride a horse in the direction that its going.

So those are my 3 all important ingredients that determine ones
success or failure at anything in life.

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