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Your Private Label Rights Rights

Your Private Label Rights Rights
Copyright © Craig Warren

People who use Private Label Rights content are delighted
to see more PLR sites appearing. The explosion of such
sites has however, given rise to a new problem…the
overall quality of the articles users pay for. Good and
reliable writers are snatched up fast and given ongoing
work. Regrettably, some PLR site owners seem to be only
concerned with getting a batch of articles uploaded no
matter what the quality.

Competition as we all know is a good thing. Quite a
number of PLR users are now making a practice of signing
up to check out the quality of what’s on offer in a new
site. If they like it, they stay. If they don’t, they
vote with their feet or more appropriately, with the
cancel this subscription option at PayPal.

As a subscriber to a PLR site, don’t you feel that you
have to accept the articles you get, no matter what the
quality? You are entitled to get articles and/or ebooks
that have been proofread and edited to correct grammar
and spelling. It is the responsibility of the PLR site
owner to check that the articles are of an acceptable
standard or to hire someone to do this for them.

PLR users expect to have to tweak and change an article
to create unique website content. They should not
however, have to edit every article. We all expect an
error to creep in here and there but an entire batch of
articles written by someone whose first language is quite
obviously not English is not acceptable. Nobody wants to
have to copy-edit every one of 20 articles before turning
them into an e-book.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the PLR
content, the first and most obvious option is to cancel
your subscription. However, you would be doing everyone
a favor if you took the time to contact the site owner
to explain why you are not happy. Copy and paste a few
examples from the articles to demonstrate the errors.

In the past, PLR site owners have sent back batches of
articles to be corrected and/or rewritten when they are
not satisfied with the job. In extreme cases, they cut
their losses and just hired a new writer. Any PLR site
owner who wants to build a profitable and well-regarded
business will be interested in working with you on this,
if they don’t want to lose customers.

If you can’t get any satisfaction, move on. Sample the
content of several sites. Ask for recommendations from
friends or other publishers before you sign up. Look for
more than one satisfied customer, never forget that some
reviews are there solely to get you to sign up via the
reviewer’s affiliate link.

Different sites offer different things and finding a site
to suit your needs may be difficult. Some sites offer
articles and complete e-books, sales letters and well-
produced graphics. Others provide only articles and a few
bonus products.

If you are a competent graphic designer and know your way
around programs like Photoshop, graphics may not be
important to you. Indeed, you may prefer to create your
own graphics so your site looks different to everyone
else’s. Some sites offer extras like web hosting and
autoresponders, plus ready-made AdSense sites. If you are
just starting out, you may like these all-in-one solutions.

Be sure to check the following when looking for a good
PLR site to join:

– What you get for your monthly subscription – articles,
e-books, e-courses, AdSense sites, graphics and sales

– The quality of the articles that are available – general
style, grammar and spelling.

– Is the content original (not copied from some other

– The regularity with which content is posted. Check out
the forum, if there’s one available. Are there constant
complaints or queries about when each month’s content will
be available?

– The range of topics covered. You will find that some
sites specialize in one subject area, while others cover a
broad range of topics. Are you using enough of the monthly
content to make it worth your while? There’s not much point
in being able to access 200 articles a month if you can use
only five of them.

It’s common for PLR users to belong to more than one site.
An example: $200 a month spread between four to six sites
comes to only $2,400 a year – which is an excellent
business investment compared to the cost of hiring your
own writer. Well-written, carefully edited PLR articles
are usually well worth the monthly fee. Take the time to
access the content of any PLR site and stay with the ones
that believe in quality control.

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