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Why You Should Join A Forum

Why You Should Join A Forum
Written by Craig Warren

Human beings are social by nature and online communities
or forums are the latest in a long progression of social
organizations created by humankind. While many people
join forums specifically for the social benefits, there
are several good reasons for internet entrepreneurs to
join an online forums. Here are the top seven benefits
you and your online business can reap.

The top reason many internet business men and women join
forums is for the search engine benefits. Many forums are
tremendously popular with search engines and so not only
rank well but also are regularly crawled. Most forums
offer an introductions area as well as a signature area
where you can promote your web site or sites. In
addition, as you participate in a forum that is relevant
to your site’s topic there will likely be opportunities
to work your site into conversation. All these links can
be of tremendous benefit in terms of search engine
rankings and relevant back links.

However, if you think that search engine benefits are
the beginning and end of the ways you and your internet
business can profit from joining a forum then you are
missing out on a lot of learning.

If you are going to join a forum then join a forum that
help you learn more about your niche. Even if you are an
expert in your field there is always more to be learned
and where else to go for that knowledge than a place
where others knowledgeable in your area also hang out?
That is what is so wonderfully flexible about forums.
There really is an Internet community for everyone and
every interest. Your task is to find the forum where
your peers are already hanging out. Learning more
about your niche is a tremendous benefit of joining a

You don’t need to restrict your forum memberships to
those within your field. It is also wise to join forums
that can help you learn more about how to run your
business. Find forums of other small business owners
and entrepreneurs. You will soon be able to find folks
who are at your level of expertise as well as those with
more experience willing to share their hard-earned
lessons. Soon you’ll have the opportunity to repay that
debt by mentoring other newbies. This sharing and hand-
holding is one of the elements that make Internet
communities so successful.

You should also seek a forum to help you with your
Internet marketing. There are many different approaches
to Internet marketing and while some people prefer the
scatter-gun approach most choose one or two primary
methods. Explore and text methods to determine which you
feel most comfortable with and then join a forum focused
on that method to help you refine your approach and
achieve maximum success.

One of the primary problems with the internet is that it
can be easy to feel isolated. However forums can help
bridge the gap of time and distance by serving as a
community as well as an information source. Friendships
and even love can be found in time and laughter and
camaraderie and commiseration can help sustain the person
as well as the business.

Forums can also help you find customers for your
business. As you participate and share information about
your business some folks will naturally express an
interest. As you share your expertise and demonstrate
your knowledge then you will attract still more. Don’t
be a pushy salesperson, simply allow your expertise to
showcase your business and you will attract a quality
customer relationship.

A forum can also be a great place to find partners to
help you expand or promote your business in a number of
ways. You might discover some like-minded soul whose
business perfectly complements yours or you might
discover the perfect joint-venture partner. Even if you
encounter people you might view as competition try to
view the relationship from many angles to see if there
is a way to benefit from a partnership rather than a

Joining forums can provide many benefits to you and to
your business but remember that internet communities are
social contracts with rules and guidelines. Make sure you
know and understand the rules before leaping into
discussions. It is even more difficult to undo a bad
first impression on the Internet as it cannot always be
erased. Start slow and easy until you are sure of your
footing. Also, be very wary about pushing your business
too aggressively. That type of activity can get you banned
from a forum pretty quickly. Many forums have a clearly
marked area for advertising and sales posts and also allow
some blatant promotion in your signature, but keep your
posts on topic and helpful and you’ll be better off in the
long run.

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