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Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important
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The Internet has provided ways to revolutionize how we
live our daily lives. It has crawled into the different
dimensions of human lives, business, communication,
information dissemination and personal relationships.
People have made a paradigm shift towards using the
internet to aid them in their daily activities.

With this context in mind, many people are continuously
struggling to get noticed in the world of the Internet.
Websites are growing like mushrooms everywhere, every
day. How can ones website get past the millions of
other websites and eventually be noticed by its target

Search engine optimization aims to achieve the goal of
getting more visitors to a website by helping it get
higher rankings in the search engines. This simply means
that search engine optimizations goal is to make a
website appear on the first pages, if not the first page
of a search done through the search engine.

There are two ways to be able to get noticed by search
engines. One is through pay-per-click advertisements. A
good example of a pay-per-click system that is employed
by search engines is the Google AdWords system. It has
created a hype and has given Google around 5 billion
dollars in terms of revenue per year. Webmasters can
place their bids to be shown when a keyword is searched
by a surfer. The highest bidders will get their sites to
appear first when the search is being done.

The second way of getting high rankings from search
engines is through organic searches. Search engines
evaluate websites by using what they call spiders. These
programs scan the websites and collects information about
them. They then collate the information and pass it on to
the search engine. This area is primarily the main arena
of search engine optimization. It utilizes a set of
methods to be able to get search engines to list the
website on high ranks.


The main purpose of search engine optimization is to
increase the traffic generated by a website. Websites
are built to be seen by internet surfers and search
engines can help it achieve this goal.

The power of the search engine should not be
underestimated. It is one of the building blocks of the
foundation of the internet. A survey showed that 90% of
all Internet users employ search engines to aid them in
their Internet-related activities. Google, the dominant
player in the search engine industry, generates 70% of
all search-related internet activity.

People and Search Engines are alike

Search engines behave like people. They like websites
which contain substantive information about a certain
topic. The best sites usually appear first in search
engines because people like them as well as the search

Search engine optimization does not only generate
traffic, it helps maintain the traffic. The behavior of
the search engine is indicative to the behavior of the
people who visit the website. Search engine optimization
leads to the optimization of a webpage or a website. It
will lead to a website which is more organized and a
website which contains substantive information.

Target Audience

The use of the search engine to be able to target ones
target audience is one of the most effective Internet
marketing strategies. It is not like other online
marketing techniques such as email marketing which can
lead to a lot of leakages in terms of targeting the right

Search engines segment the market and connect the right
people together. People search for topics which they are
interested in and this is the main strength of search
engines in connecting markets together.

Cost Effectiveness

One can do search engine optimization under the
assumption that he knows what he is doing. Search engine
optimization is a full-time job and has a very long
learning curve. This is why most people would resort to
out-sourcing the job to experts who are good at what they
do. One should be cautious, however, in hiring a search
engine optimization company or consultant. Factors such
as pricing and service should carefully be assessed
before signing a deal. If done properly, search engine
optimization is a very cost-effective way of getting more
people to know about ones products or to know about a
certain issue or event that a website is disseminating.

SEO is very important for websites since it determines
the position of the website in comparison with its
competitors. It does not only generate traffic from the
targeted audience but is also a cost-effective way of
optimizing the website.

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