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Use The Search Engines To Get Visitors

Use The Search Engines To Get Visitors
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To get good web traffic, you need to submit your website
to the search engines. However, this alone will not
guarantee that your site will receive a good steady flow
of visitors. You really must work to get your website
recognized. It is best to focus your efforts on the
important search engines rather than chasing traffic
from all search engines.

If the web search engines do not have your site indexed,
then it might as well not exist. You will probably get
some traffic through referrals, but this will not be
enough to guarantee the success of your site. You cannot
afford to put all your time and effort into making the
perfect site. No matter how much effort you put into
getting your site just right, including that flashy flash
intro and the extensive links page complete with animated
gifs, without traffic your time has been wasted.

You will need to ensure you allocate some time to
promoting your site. The first search engine you need to
focus on is Google. There are a great many search engines
on the web but the reality today is it comes down to just
one, Google. It is the most popular search engine on the
net and provides the most search results. Therefore, you
need to ensure that your site is listed on Google.

Of course, Yahoo is important to. Once you are listed in
Google, you then focus on getting listed on Yahoo. If you
can get a good high rating in these two web search
engines, you will most probably receive good volumes of
traffic to your site. The third search engine I would
consider is MSN Search. None of the other free web search
engines have the ability to provide you with the volume of
visitors that these three can. Therefore, there is no need
to put time into ensuring your site is indexed with them or
ranks well.

The best way to ensure that your website gets a lot of
traffic is to have a high search engine rank, especially
in Google. When your website has a high search engine
rank, it will appear within the first few pages of
results returned by Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others.
This can make a significant difference to the number of
visitors that go to your website.

Just think about the way you conduct your own searches.
When you enter a term into Google, you probably click
most of the links on the first page of results, and a
few on the second page. Do you ever make it as far as
page seven or page 10? It’s not likely. So you can see
why a good search engine rank is critical to the success
of your business.

Websites that have a high search engine rank have a
couple of characteristics in common. First, they feature
pages and pages of relevant content. This means if you’re
selling accounting services, you should have a lot of
articles about accounting, taxes and bookkeeping. When
you do this, your website will naturally contain numerous
keywords that people searching for accounting services
would enter into Google, Yahoo and so on.

The more keywords you have, the better your search engine
rank. Another characteristic of successful websites is
the number of links they have to and from other sites.
When other websites link to yours and when you link to
others, it makes your website appear more important,
relevant and legitimate. This results in a higher search
engine rank.

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that
only fantastic marketers are able to achieve a high
search engine rank for their websites. That’s not
entirely true. Since a good search engine rank is so
critical to web-based businesses these days, there are a
lot of companies that specialize in getting you the best
placement possible. They can provide you with original,
targeted content for your site, give you tips on how to
effectively market your site and submit your URL to
Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines for consideration.
If they do their job the right way, you’ll have a prime
search engine rank within a few months.

The importance of a high search engine rank shouldn’t be
underestimated. Before you start selling on the internet,
you should consider hiring professionals to help you
quickly achieve good placement for your website. The
difference between appearing on the first page or the
tenth could literally amount to tens of thousands of
dollars, so do what you have to in order to get a high
search engine rank as soon as possible.

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