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What’s a Niche and How Do You Find One

What’s a Niche and How Do You Find One
Written by Craig Warren

According to Wikipedia, a niche is a special place
within the scheme of things. Niche marketing is defined
as the process of finding and serving small but
potentially profitable market segments and designing
custom-made products or services for them. So it’s all
about finding your special place and the products and
services that fit.

Right from the start, you should understand that your
goal in discovering a niche is to concentrate all your
ideas and thoughts into the most precise, concise and
focused concept possible. Your potential audience is
everyone in the world with computer access and an
interest in your site’s topic. Your potential information
resources are everything known about that topic. So you
want to be sure to have enough information to eventually
fill hundreds of pages and you want to narrow your focus
enough that you can be perceived as an expert, as the
place to go for information, products and/or services.

I want to add right now that if your only interest is
making money online, this is a very difficult area to
build a website around these days. That niche was hot
a few years ago. Most successful internet entrepreneurs
in that area say they would not attempt breaking into
that niche if they were starting out today. There’s
just to much competition, there are way to many experts
already. Breaking into a niche market using keywords
like make money at home, work at home and home business
is next to impossible. There are billions of niches out
there, find yours.

Focus, focus, focus…

Let’s say you’re interested in art. You can narrow your
focus by choosing an art medium, period in history,
particular artist, subject still lives, dogs, clothing,
hairstyles, architecture, etc. Events, geographical
location and/or the life and inspiration of one or more
artists. Your aim should be to choose as many of these
focal points as possible, so that the end result is a
extremely well-defined subject matter.

Then you want to find out how frequently people are
searching for this information, what keywords they are
entering in the search engines and how many sites are
currently available with that information. Eventually you
will come up with your concept, your keywords and you
can begin creating your domain name and meta tags for
your website.

Keywords were named that for a reason…

Every page on your website will have its own keywords.
These are the words that people will enter into a search
engine and find your webpage. Maybe your art interest has
been narrowed down to the history of London architecture
as depicted in the photographs of John Doe. You must find
the best keywords for your niche market, see what sites
are currently available, maybe change your focus until
you find just the right balance between what’s hot,
what’s available and what’s wide open for you.

This all may seem a bit confusing and it’s not my purpose
here to show you exactly how to do all this, because
there’s already a step-by-step manual available and it’s
free, so why reinvent the wheel? It’s the Affiliate
Masters Course by Site Sell. Pick up your copy and go
through it one page at a time. Don’t skip steps no matter
how tedious they may seem, because once this work is done,
you’ll pick up speed and you’ll never lose focus.

Doing your homework completely at the beginning is
crucial to your success. It’s the hardest part, and at
the moment, the least rewarding. But once it’s done,
you’ve got the skeleton, the foundation, of everything
else you will be doing. You’ll have a list of websites
to refer back to for researching all the rest of your
web pages, articles, links and so on.

Might as well start out with the current hot item…

One last tool before I wind this up. There’s a new kind
of free advertising out there that’s also an incredible
tool when you’re gathering information. It’s called
Social Bookmarking or tagging. It’s the latest
alternative to linking, but it’s also a great way to
create your reference list when you’re going through
the Affiliate Masters Course. In addition to creating
spreadsheets with the information you find as you’re
directed to do within AMC, you can create your own
bookmark page online containing all the sites you visit
that are relevant to your niche. Eventually this forms
a web of links and back links, but in the meantime you’ll
have all your websites for further research in one place.

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