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Giving Away Ebooks To Make Affiliate Sales

Giving Away Ebooks To Make Affiliate Sales
Written by Craig Warren

Many people dream they could simply give things away for
a living. Few know though that making this dream a
reality is not very difficult to do. In fact anybody can
start out doing this with no investment what so ever.
Many people over look the power of giving away brandable
books to make affiliate sales and drive traffic to their
site. Others utilize it to make themselves a living.

The first and most exciting part of starting your own
business of giving away brandable books is actually
finding the books. A fairly easy way to start is by doing
a search for brandable books. Although you may find tons
of books this way you should always keep an eye out for
them. They can be found all around and you should jump
on every opportunity to find new ones.

What makes brandable books so special is the fact that
you can alter them slightly. Certain fields in brandable
books can be changed to promote your affiliate links or
your web site. These books usually spread virally and by
giving away a single copy it can reach thousands of

Most brandable books will come with a branding program.
The most popular of which is PDF Brand. Branding books is
fairly easy. Simply have the branding program open the
book you are working on. It should now give you certain
fields that you have to change. These fields may be your
affiliate link for a certain product or even your site
name and website address.

Make sure you brand your products as soon as possible
and place all your branded programs in a different
location then the original unbranded version.

The next thing you will need to do is get a website
host. This can be any paid host or even a free one if
you are strapped for cash. If you have to go with a free
one try to find one that does not put advertisements on
your pages. This can distract your visitors and lead them
away from your site.

Now go and upload all of the products you branded to your
host. You will want to put them in an easy to find
directory to keep this as simple as possible.

Once you have uploaded the products to your host it is
time to start putting together your site. This can be a
very simple page that lists the different products you
have for download with a short description and a link to
download the product. If possible try to find a picture
for each product and use it as well.

If you can do something fancier it is recommended. If not
your simple page should start you out just fine. People
visiting your site should not mind too much as long as it
is functional.

Now that your site is all setup and functional you are
ready to drive traffic to it. You will not have to do
this for very long though. Once your branded ebooks get
circulating around people will see your sites link in
them and stop on by to check you out. Brandable books can
also have a viral effect on your traffic as well.

One of the easiest ways to promote your site for free is
on forums. The best place to try to promote your site is
on marketing forums. These people are always looking for
free products to use as bonuses or give to their lists.

Advertising on forums can be done by quite simply by
adding a link to your site in your forum signature. Now
simply start making productive and informative posts.
This will get your signature seen allot as well as build
your reputation.

Another good way to advertise your site for free is on
Craigs List. Advertising on Craigs List can get you quite
a few visitors as long as you post in the right place.
You can also rerun your ad every week to keep the traffic

The most powerful form of advertising you will be doing
though is branding the books themselves. Many brandable
books will have a spot for you to put your site’s name
and site address. If your site name has to do with free
ebooks you should have no problems getting people to

You should now know more than most people about giving
away products to make money. This can be a very
profitable and fun experience. Just remember to keep
your eyes out for new products to add to your site. As
long as you keep adding new products you should not have
any problems getting some good traffic and a mail box
full of checks.

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