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Work At Home Options

Work At Home Options
Copyright © Craig Warren

Work At Home Options – Determining Which Is Best
For You

When you first decide you’d like to work at home,
you may be tempted to search for a telecommuting
job or join a home business opportunity right away.
There are certainly benefits to those options, but
stop and think for a moment, “Is that the right
choice for me?”

While there are some great companies and programs out
there, it’s important to evaluate your true needs and
desires in a home-based career. I see too many people
jumping into the first opportunity they see, simply
because it promises great income. Money is definitely
a major part of our reason for working, but is it the
most important? You need to choose the option that will
serve all of your needs, not just the financial ones.

How do you know which option is best for you? Consider
the typical qualities of telecommuting jobs, home business
opportunities and home businesses started from scratch:

Telecommuting Jobs

Pros – With jobs you will usually have less responsibility
than a home business, plus a steady paycheck and a
structured work schedule. If you are very efficient,
organized and “production-oriented”, this could be a good
choice for you.

Cons – You will have less flexibility and freedom than you
would with a home business. You will not be encouraged to
“do it your way” — you will instead need to follow your
employer’s instructions. Your workload is not guaranteed.
Business can slow down and you’ll have no work to do, which
means no income. You will usually earn less from a
telecommuting job than you would from a home business. If
you are very creative and free-spirited, and you want to
earn a big income, a job might not be right for you.

Home Business Opportunities

Pros – More flexibility and freedom than a job, more
opportunity for larger income (if you’re motivated), less
chance for business to slow down (since you generate your
own business), benefit from being part of a team of like-
minded people that support you and help you to grow your
business. No need to create your own products and marketing
materials, as the company provides them for you.

Cons – Still less flexibility and freedom than starting your
own business, as the company may have restrictions on how you
run your business, how you can promote, etc. You may have
sales quotas you need to meet, or other limitations. Choosing
a company that has been around for a long time may result in
over-saturation of the market, while choosing a newer company
may result in instability or the company going out of business.

Your Own Company

Pros – Complete freedom and flexibility in the products you
create or services you offer, as well as the ways in which
you choose to market. No quotas to meet, build it big or
keep it small. Set your own schedule and determine your own
income. Be as creative as you wish.

Cons – Great responsibility. You are the President, CEO,
General Manager, Sales Director, Marketing Manager, Production
Manager, Comptroller, Personnel Director and everything else
for your company. No one else is there to help or cheer you
on, it’s all up to you.

There are certainly exceptions to the qualities listed above.
Perhaps you can find a great telecommuting job that allows you
complete flexibility and creative work. Maybe some of the “cons”
I listed above would actually be considered “pros” to you, or
vice versa.

What it comes down to is what YOU want. What works best for you?
Make a list of what’s important to you. How much do you want to
earn? How creative are you? How flexible do you want your schedule
to be? What type of work makes you feel most happy?

Build a vision in your mind of the perfect work at home career for
you. And then go about finding (or creating) just that!

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How to Stay Focused on Your Home Business Goals

How to Stay Focused on Your Home Business Goals
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

When you are the owner of a home business, you will find
hundreds of distractions that vie for your time, energy and

Common distractions include: children, family, friends,
neighbors, pets, phone calls, mail, household chores, video
games, television, neighborhood children, visitors, and so many

As an owner of a home based business, you must always remember
your purpose in bringing your profession home. What was your
reason for wanting to own a home business? Was your goal to work
from home so that you can share in the lives of your children?
Was your goal to be out from under the rule of a tyrannical
boss? Was your goal to have the freedom to work when it is
convenient for you? Was your goal to make tons of money working
for yourself?

Here’s a few good tips that will help you stay focused on your
home business:

TIP #1:
Whatever your reason for going out on your own, you must keep
your reason in the forefront of your mind. If you forget your
reason for starting your own home business, you will not be
working for yourself for long. It is far too easy to let
circumstance drive your activities — and when circumstance is
in the driver’s seat, you are more likely to crash and burn.

TIP #2:
Remember — your own business is a lot like a real job. Some
people go to work to play, some go to socialize, and others —
most often those who are paid in a commission or tip environment
— go to work to work and to make money. When you work for
yourself, your salary is directly proportional to your
productivity. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to stay focused
on getting as much done in as short of a period as possible?

Go to work to work and to make money. Leave playtime and
recreation for when your workday has ended.

TIP #3:
When you are dealing with family in the course of your workday,
it is important to schedule your activities as much as possible.
With small children, you must take time when you must, but you
should also work hard to make sure you dedicate a specific
number of hours to your workday.

With older children, it is much easier to tell them that you
will be working between the hours of x and y. Your children and
your friends must understand that certain hours of your day are
devoted to the activities of your business.

TIP #4:
Don’t permit your friends and extended family to run over you.
Many people get the blind idea that if one works from home then
they are not actually working.

Well-meaning people may try to fill your doorway to bring advice
about getting a real job. Others may simply believe that if you
are at home, then you are fair game for chitchat and

You must stand firm. You must make certain your friends and
family understands that when you are working, then you ARE
working! If they wish to socialize with you, then they need to
do it during the hours that are not dedicated to your home

You are the only one who can stand up for you. Your friends and
family will seldom be able to appreciate your dedication to your
home business, unless you make the effort to make sure that they
have the same respect for your business that you do.

TIP #5:
You should allot a certain portion of your day to email and to
regular mail. For example, allot one hour in the morning and one
hour in the afternoon to handling your written communications.

Unless you dedicate certain times to the handling of these
communications, you will soon find yourself on the downward
slope of decreased productivity.

TIP #6:
When you find yourself spending too much time doing
non-productive activities, then you should seriously consider
finding a third-party service provider who will assist you in
those non-profitable business activities.

As an example, you might be in the mail-order business. You
might believe that your time is best spent writing ad copy and
setting up your advertising, but you find yourself spending far
too much time taking care of your books to take care of your
advertising in the manner that you should. In this event, it
might make more sense to hire a bookkeeper to handle your
financial records for you.

In the end, the success of your home business is entirely and
completely reliant upon you and the decisions that you make.

You had your reasons for deciding to start your own home based
business. You must always keep your reasons in the forefront of
your mind. You must always be able to rely upon your own self
and your dedication to the success of your business.

Your friends and family might be annoyed that they cannot come
visit upon their own whim, but when success comes to you and
your business, they will better appreciate you for putting your
foot down when necessary.

Success is within your reach, if only you can stay focused on
your goals. You must decide to reach for your goals, and then,
you must have the discipline necessary to reach them.

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The Concept Of Positive Thinking

The Concept Of Positive Thinking
Copyright © Craig Warren

Everything in the world of form is preceded
by a thought. Thoughts are not in the world
of form, form is not in the world of thought.
But one actually precedes the other in all
cases. If one wishes to affect form, one
must work with cause, not effect. Thought
is cause, form is effect. And when we work
in the realm of thought, choosing a negative
one or a positive one will influence the

Simply put, we live in a world of cause
and effect, for every cause there is
an effect and every effect has to have
a cause. Everything that happens in this
world (form) is an effect, the cause
being thoughts. These thoughts affect
the whole universe. And each thought
once generated and sent out becomes
independent of the brain and mind
and will live upon its own energy
depending upon its intensity.

All of our feelings, beliefs and knowledge
are based on our internal thoughts, both
conscious and subconscious. We are in
control, whether we know it or not. We
can be positive or negative, enthusiastic
or dull, active or passive. These attitudes
are maintained by the inner conversations
we constantly have with ourselves, both
consciously and subconsciously.

Mystics have long-held that we do,
in fact, control our reality, not
just the little things in life, but
everything. We create our entire
world by the way we think. Thoughts
are the causes and conditions are
the effects. Our circumstances and
conditions are not dictated by the
world outside, it’s the world
inside us that creates the outside.
They have maintained that regardless
of our circumstances, each person has
the innate, Universe or God-given
ability to create or alter reality
to our choosing. This is done by using
the power of positive thinking. They say
that we are not here to suffer or to live
a life of misery but rather, each conflict
or problem that we confront is merely an
opportunity to express our higher selves,
to evolve and to alter the circumstances
to our liking.

These concepts on the power of the
positive thinking, once restricted
to the initiated few, came to light
in the so-called New Age. Voices
from people such as Ram Dass,
Deepak Chopra, Joel Goldsmith,
John Price, L. Ron Hubbard, Dr.
Hew Len and countless others
expressed the notion that reality
is of our own making and choosing,
regardless of appearances to the
contrary. The basic premise is that
our past conditioning should be
re-evaluated and that we should
consciously determine the way in
which we wish to live. We should
use the power of positive thinking
to create things (reality) which
are good for us and for others.


In today’s world, more and more
people speak about the power of
positive thinking. It is a concept
that has a very high view of human
nature and ability. Its advocates teach
that the human mind has the power to
turn wishes into reality through optimism.
In other words The Power Of Positive
thinking refers to the power of creating
thoughts, which create and focus energy
into reality. To bring into creation a
positive outcome, which you see as a
benefit to yourself or others.

Positive thinking includes:
1. Our innate capability to produce
desired outcomes with positive thoughts.
2. Having belief in possibilities even
when the facts seem to indicate otherwise.
3. Making creative choices.
4. Meeting problems head on.

Positive thinking is a mental attitude
that admits into the mind thoughts,
words and images that are conductive
to growth, expansion and success. It is
a mental attitude that expects good and
favorable results. A positive mind
anticipates happiness, joy, health and a
successful outcome of every situation and
action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.
This is a powerful tool that everybody has,
but a lot of people are not aware of it.

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Your Own Online Home Based Business

Your Own Online Home Based Business
Copyright © Craig Warren

If you want to start or maintain your online
based business and make money with it,
then you will need to obtain high quality
products and be able to drive targeted
visitors to your website. If you’re unable
to achieve these two criteria, then you
simply won’t make money online.


While it’s true that many people are earning
in excess of $100,000 a year with an online
business, it didn’t happen overnight.

If you think that starting an online business
and making money with it is a piece of cake
and it’s an instant solution to all your
financial problems overnight, then your
going to be sorely disappointed.

But if you’re prepared to learn the basics and
dedicate yourself to creating solid foundations
in building your own online based business,
then the world is truly your oyster.

Listen, it may take many months before you begin
to see the rewards for your efforts, but if you
have the necessary time, funds and energy to build
your online business, you will succeed in reaching
your goals.

Imagine yourself six months from now. You bit
the bullet, decided to start an online business
and you now making money online like it’s
going out of fashion.

Now you’re in the middle of planning your next
holiday with your family to a remote tropical
island. There’s no bills piling up on the
kitchen table waiting to be paid. You don’t
have to get up early each morning to go to
a job that you hate. Life has never been so
good and it’s all due to starting your own
online based business.

If you join a program -ANY PROGRAM- and DO nothing,

Guess what?

That’s exactly what you’ll get from it – NOTHING!!

What I’ve found is that “TAKING ACTION” is
the most important aspect of being successful.
You don’t have to know everything or how to do
everything perfectly, you just have to START.

You CAN succeed… IF you take ACTION!

Now think of what you have done in the last
six months and what you are doing now.

Are you going to wait and see what happens…


Are you going to do something about it
and start your ownonline based business?

Go for the gusto! Don’t quit or give up. I
know it all sounds confusing when getting
started, but after awhile a light bulb goes
off in your head, and you’re like wow, now
I get it and things then eventually start
falling into place for you.

IF you are a quick learner, READING would be
the best material for you and understanding
what you read and DOING it. Not taking the
necessary steps that you read leads to

Allow yourself sufficient time to actually
succeed. In my many years of experience
with my online business, the most common
reason people don’t achieve success is
that they expect “instant gratification”
(in other words, they are looking to make
good money right away) and they give up
and drop out before their business has a
chance to get some traction and succeed.

The road to success is not straight. There is
a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion,
speed bumps called Friends, red lights called
Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will
have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare
called Determination, an engine called
Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver
called Jesus, you will make it to a place called

Sorry to burst the bubble, but there is no magic to
having an business online, it takes sufficient time
and effort to achieve success…just like any type
of business a person chooses to develop.

If you are serious and want to start or maintain
your home based business…”The possibilities
are truly unlimited!”

There are several FREE Supports and online
guidance so you will create an attractive
monthly income stream for life.

Avoid the minefields, dead ends, and bottlenecks
that 95% of internet entrepreneurs encounter soon
after starting their business.

Discover what real freedom is. Work when you
want, where you want and generate tons of profits.

You could have your home in a country with a low
standard of living and be able to earn more money
than a person in the richest country in the world.
This is because your income can come from the
productivity of people in dozens of countries.

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Residual Affiliate Programs

Residual Affiliate Programs
Copyright © Craig Warren

Are you a webmaster in need of additional income? Or
are you planning to set up an online business but you
still don’t have any product to sell? If so, affiliate
marketing may be the best solution for your problems.
With affiliate marketing, you won’t need to worry about
the products you have to sell. All you need to have is
a website with sufficient contents that are related to
the products of a certain online company offering
affiliate programs. By becoming a member of the
program, or by becoming an affiliate, you can start
earning a certain amount of money right away!

Affiliate marketing is some sort of business relationship
established between a merchant and his affiliates. In
affiliate marketing, an affiliate agrees to direct some
traffic to a merchant’s website. If that traffic is
converted into some kind of action, like a visitor
purchasing a product on the merchant’s website or a
visitor becoming a lead for the company, the affiliate
who directed the traffic will be compensated.
Compensation may take the form of either a percentage
sales commission for the sales generated or a fixed fee
predetermined upon the application of the affiliate on
the merchant’s affiliate program.

Promising a lot of benefits both for the merchants and
the affiliates, affiliate marketing has become one of
the most popular online marketing methods today.
In fact, almost every merchant or retailer site today
offers an affiliate program that any one can join into.
Most retailers would entice people to become affiliates
or members of their program by promising great benefits
like large commissions, lifetime commissions, click
through incomes and a lot of other benefits. But would
all these affiliate programs bring off the same

Most affiliate programs would pay you, as an affiliate,
a one-time commission for every sale or lead you brought
to the merchant’s website. Commissions for this kind of
affiliate programs are usually large, ranging from 15%
to a high of about 60%. Other affiliate programs would
pay you a fixed fee for every click through or traffic
you send to the merchant’s site. Programs like this
often pay a smaller fee for every click through,
usually not getting any larger than half a dollar.
The good thing about this kind of program, however,
is that the visitor won’t have to purchase anything
in order for the affiliate to get compensated.

Another type of affiliate program is the residual
income affiliate program. Residual affiliate programs
usually pay only a small percentage of sales commission
for every sale directed by the affiliate to the
merchant’s site. This commission often comes only in
the range of 10% to 20% sales commission. Because of
this, many people ignore residual affiliate program and
would rather opt for the high paying one-time commission
affiliate program. Are these people making a mistake, or
are they making the right decision?

We can’t tell, for sure, if people are making a mistake
by choosing a high paying one-time commission affiliate
program. But we can definitely say that they are making
a large mistake if they ignore residual affiliate
programs. Residual affiliate programs would indeed pay
at a lower rate, but merchants offering such kind of
programs would generally pay you regular and ongoing
commissions for a single affiliate initiated sale!
That means, for the same effort you made in promoting
a particular affiliate program, you get paid only once
in a one-time commission program, and a regular and
ongoing commission for a residual program!

So, are the benefits of promoting residual affiliate
programs clearer to you now? Or are they still vague?
If they are still vague, then let’s make them a bit
clearer with this example.

Suppose there are two online merchants both offering
web hosting services on their sites. The first merchant
offers a one-time commission type of affiliate program
that pays $80 for every single affiliate initiated sale.
The second merchant also offers an affiliate program,
but this time a residual affiliate program that pays
only $10 for every single affiliate initiated sale. As
an affiliate, we may get attracted at once at what the
first merchant is offering, as $80 is definitely a lot
larger than $10. But by thinking things over before
actually getting into them, one may be able to see
that the second merchant is offering us more
opportunity to earn a larger amount of money.

Supposed you have directed traffic to the merchant
and it converted into a sale, you’ll get paid once
by the first merchant for the sale you have initiated.
But with the second merchant, you’ll get paid monthly
for as long as the customer you have referred to the
merchant continues to avail of the web hosting service.
That means that for the same effort of getting one
customer to avail of the merchant’s service, you get
paid monthly in residual affiliate programs while you
only get paid once in a one-time commission type of
affiliate programs.

So, are residual affiliate programs worth promoting?
Definitely yes, because you virtually get more money
from these types of affiliate programs in the long
run! And would residual affiliate programs work best
for you? Probably not, probably yes. It is not really
for me to tell. But with the benefits that residual
affiliate marketing can provide, it would really be
unwise to ignore such programs.

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Tips on Starting A Small Business

Tips on Starting A Small Business
Copyright © Craig Warren

Small businesses have many challenges to stay
afloat. Many budding entrepreneurs think that
all they need is an idea or product, a name
for their small business, and a bit of work
and the product will sell itself and money
will come rolling in. If you have ever run
a small business even a home based business,
you will know there’s much more to it than

The first thing you, as a potential small business
owner must always do, is research your market.
Then research your competition, then the available
supply for your product or service, and find your
unique selling position. This alone can take weeks
often months.

Once you are satisfied that there is a market for
your product or service then you need to sort out
your business plan and cash flow projections.

Small businesses may appear low cost but
many suck up substantial capital before
they turn a profit so now, unless you are
very fortunate, you must sort out how to
finance your small business. Can you
remortgage your house? Look for investment
partners. Borrow from friends and/or
family or approach the bank. Whichever
you choose you need to convince others
that your small business will be profitable
and they will get a return on their money.

Once your finances are in place the hard
work starts. You may have premises to
arrange, suppliers to sort out, staff to
recruit and mangage, accounts to keep,
products to design or source, lawyers to
consult, accountants to hire and we must
not forget in all of this market and get
the all important customers to look at and
purchase your products.

To do that you have to advertise your small
business, but where and at what cost? Don’t
forget you have to provide customer support
and accept returns. Then there’s waste
disposal and on and on.

Who’s paying for all of this? In simple
terms you, and your friends, investors
and or your bank are paying, until you
are selling sufficient product or service
to cover the costs, usually many months
or even years away.

New small businesses rarely return a profit
in the first year and frequently not for two
or three years. Make sure you can finance it

Is it worth doing it? That’s your decision but
every year tens of thousands of people do
start their own business and many are
successful and reap the rewards of all that
hard work. But many also fail, and all too
often it’s due to lack of preparation.

If you’re about to set off on your new business
venture prepare well and Good Luck. With good
planning, persistence and a lot of hard work
you too can build a profitable small business.

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The Art of Self Improvement

The Art of Self Improvement
Copyright © Craig Warren

There’s no doubt about it: Self Improvement is big
business. No matter where we look we seem to see
men attired in business suits and fancy haircuts.
Sporting dinky little ear-piece microphones, they
speak to us as though we were attending the annual
general meeting of their multi-national self-
development business which, I suppose, isn’t that
far from the truth. They speak to us in sound-bites;
I’m going show you how, you just need to follow my
plan: no thought required; just follow the plan.
Success and winning, they preach to the audience,
are a sure thing.

But is self-development a sure thing? If, like me,
you believe self-development is a life journey that
is never completed, you know that the only sure
thing is that the search for self-development is
far from being a sure thing. The journey will
entail more failures than successes, more loss than
gain and more self-doubt than we think we can endure.
The only way to improve ones self is to challenge
the habits and assumptions we have gathered along
the way. To go out on a limb with no guarantee of
finding what we want takes courage. No success plan
would contemplate such a course of action!

So, if we can’t get succor from the self-improvement
gurus, who can we turn to?

The answer, I believe, is to look to the people who
have always explored every single aspect of the
human condition. They did not always find the answer,
but they all had courage. They are of course, the
worlds artists.

How can a painting help us toward our goal of
self-improvement you might ask? Well, some
paintings help to bring serenity and a feeling
of inner peace. I feel this whenever I look at
an Impressionist painting, especially paintings
by Berthe Morisot. She was never recognized as
a great artist during her lifetime; she was
relegated to the category of “feminine” artists
because of her usual subject matter women,
children and domestic scenes. Her paintings are
intensely intimate. She is an example of someone
who never gave up on pursuing what she thought
was worth while despite being largely ignored.

Jackson Pollock instills different but equally
powerful feelings. I used to believe all modern
artists just throw a bit of paint on a canvas and
call it art. My preconceptions were swept away when
I was lucky enough to attend an exhibition devoted
to his work. His paintings were beautiful and
challenged the way I look at a painting. The search
for your inner self is all about challenging your
currently held notions.

Music is probably the easiest of the arts for us to
accept as an aid toward our search for self-development.
How often does a certain piece of music make us feel
happy, relaxed, romantic, hopeful, fulfilled? You name
it, music hits all the buttons. My favorite music is
anything by Beethoven. His music makes me feel all of
the aforementioned. He was a man who accepted nothing
less than perfection. He sort redemption through his
music. Ultimately, he didn’t find it and he spent much
of his life feeling alone. But his courage of conviction
made his life, and countless others, a better thing. His
last words were “Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over.

Perhaps our greatest inspiration comes from writers. They
have helped me, and millions of others, to find the inner
self. Life would be a much poorer experience without our
great writers. I wont name all the writers that have
inspired me; there are too many. But if there was one thing
I would urge you to do, it is to read. If you’re not sure who
to read then go to a library and ask! Tell the librarian what
it is that you want to experience, feel or learn when you read
a book. They’ll help you, don’t let shyness defeat you. If you
can’t get to a library then join a reading club on the internet.
The one thing I have found is that people, who love to read,
love to help others to read books.

So, forget about buying into those testosterone,
succeed-at-all-costs seminars, ebooks and DVDs. Go and
look at a painting or lie on the sofa and listen to music,
maybe dance wildly to it, cry with it, make love in time
to it or curl up and read a book that will take you where you
never thought possible.

You may not get to where you wished, but Art will accompany
you every single step of the way.

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What is Textual Advertising

What is Textual Advertising
Copyright © Craig Warren

Textual advertising is a paid assortment of
announcements which appear on the first pages
of results in search engines (Google, Yahoo,
Overture, etc.). They have recently become
an important consideration when marketing a
company’s website in NY. The times the
advertisement appears depends on the keywords
and web design chosen by the website marketer,
in addition to appearing as text rather than a
graphic or banner. Therefore, such advertising
is referred to as “textual”.

It is a rather new kind of advertising on the
Internet. However, the market for textual
advertising is constantly expanding, and the
sales volume generated through search engines
increasing. There are many advantages which
have made textual advertising attractive in
advertisers opinion.

First, as opposed to other kinds of Internet
advertising, for example banner displays, your
announcements are shown only to those customers
who search for products or services similar to
yours. For example, my firm could select keywords
such as web site design and marketing in New York,
NY, so that the advertisements appear only when
potential clients enter a combination of those
keywords in the search engines.

Another advantage is connected to the principle
of cost – in most cases you pay not for the
amount of times the ad is displayed, as in banner
advertising, but only when users “click” on your
textual advertisements.

The third advantage is that even the basic
advertising platforms offer well-developed
systems for results reporting, the tools to
choose a target audience and to predetermine
campaign expenditures. This allows advertisers
to control the budget and target customers for
each keyword (such as web design), or geographic
area (such as New York, NY) of your advertising

Overall, many internet marketing experts agree
that textual advertising is the wave of the
future, and will soon either almost or entirely
replace banner, graphical, and other forms of
untargeted, obtrusive and annoying online

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Weight Loss Recipe

Weight Loss Recipe
Copyright © Craig Warren

Pan Seared Cod With Balsamic Dressing

Lean protein is your diet is essential to weight
loss and weight maintenance. Cod is an excellent
source of lean protein as it is lower in fat than
red meats.

Losing weight isn’t about hunger, misery and crash
dieting! By learning to make, delicious, easy-to-use
prepare, nutritious food your body needs and will
enjoy losing weight becomes exciting and energizing.

Instead of high calorie, fatty sources – use spices
to provide flavorsome, exciting meals your whole
family will enjoy. “Pan Seared Cod With Balsamic
Thyme” is another recipe in a range of hunger-
fighting, low-fat recipes to assist you keep your
weight under control. This irresistible, no-hassle
meal will help you reach your weight-loss goals
while making mealtime a real treat.

Variety is an essential element of any successful
health program. If you get bored with foods, you’re
much more likely to abandon your program altogether.
Experiment with spices to find exciting alternatives,
try new recipes and build your repertoire of quick
home cooked meals to replace take outs, frozen dinners
and snacks. Your body will love you and your family
will be delighted.


500g fresh cod fillet (or boneless, skinless chicken breasts)
2 teaspoon olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoon fresh thyme
salt and pepper to taste


Sprinkle fish with salt and freshly ground pepper on
both sides. Heat a large skillet for which you have
a cover over medium-high heat. When hot, add the
olive oil. When the oil is hot, place the fish in
the pan, lower the heat to medium and cook for five
minutes or until the underside is brown and a crust
begins to form.

Carefully turn the fish over, turn the heat down to
medium-low and cover the skillet. Cook for about 5
minutes more. Fish is done when it flakes with a fork.
Remove fish from skillet and place on a plate. Bring
the heat back up to medium-high, add the balsamic
vinegar and cook quickly, scraping the pan with a

Turn off the heat, put the fish back in the skillet
and turn over to coat both sides with the reduced
vinegar. Sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves and serve

* Note: fish should cook for about 10 minutes for
each inch of thickness. If you use chicken breast
instead, it will need a total of about 15 minutes
cooking time.

Nutritional Analysis Per Serving:

Calories: 228
Protein: 40 grams
Fat: 6 grams
Carbohydrates: 1 grams

Tip Of The Day:
Fact: Many Americans spend 83% of their time
gaining fat instead of burning it. With the
right body-changing strategy, you can burn
8 to 16 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks.

Increase Your Response Rate

Increase Your Response Rate
Copyright © Craig Warren

You’ve been around the block a time or two. When it
comes to choosing promotional gifts for your clients,
you know your stuff. Why, you always get the nicest
phone calls, notes and emails from your clients
thanking you for their gifts.

The question is, do those people call and write
again with new orders for your company’s product
or service? Which, when all is said and done, is
what giving clients promotional gifts is all
about. Right?

Of course! And most of the time after those polite thank
you calls and notes, you hear nothing, at least not right
away and certainly not in the way of increased orders
and sales.

That’s why you need to know this secret to giving the
perfect promotional gifts to your clients and guarantee
results your accountant will notice.

The secret is personalization. No, no, not as in giving
gifts with names and such engraved on them, though
those can be quite nice.

No, this is individualized personalization. That’s a
mouthful, isn’t it? What it means is that when you’re
giving your clients promotional gifts, you need to think
of each and every one of them as individuals and give
them gifts that speak to their tastes and interests.

This isn’t as difficult as you might think. In the course
of doing business with people, we learn a great deal
about them. Things like if they’re dog lovers, wine
enthusiasts, proud parents, gadget freaks, that sort
of thing.

So when it comes time to do promotional gift-giving, take
those things you’ve learned about your clients and use
them in choosing stellar gifts that will keep your
customers calling you. Give that wine enthusiast a good
bottle of wine. Wrap up a picture frame with a border of
dogs on it for your dog lover client. Give you gadget
freak client a handheld game or cell phone accessory.

No money for that? Think you should give everyone the
same thing? Great! You can still personalize.

Think packaging here. Instead of cookie cutter wrapping
paper, wrap the dog lover’s promotional gift in paper
with dog bones on it. Put a card with miniature wine
accessories hot-glued to it on your wine enthusiast’s
gift. The possibilities are endless.

And in doing small things like this, you show your
customers they’re more than just dollar signs to you.
They show you see and appreciate them as people. As
we all know, we like doing business with people who
get us. Our clients and customers are no different!
We like doing business with people who like us. Master
the fine art of individualized personalization, and
your bottom line will give you a very personal and
sincere thank you.

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