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Landing Pages

Landing Pages
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Landing pages are just web pages where visitors are
directed to whenever they click a result in a web search
or whenever they click a web ad. For affiliate marketing,
landing pages would refer to the web page where you,
as a merchant, would want your potential customer to be
directed after clicking your ad on your affiliate’s
website. Landing pages are nothing really different from
other web pages in a particular website, especially if the
website is an e-commerce site.

If you want to get something more from your online business
and want to bring in a lot of profits, you should
create a special landing page for your web ads.

There are a variety of affiliate marketing programs today
but most of these programs let the merchant pay the affiliate
in a pay-per-click basis. Basically, all you have to do is
sign up with the program and submit your ad. The program
owner would then distribute your ad to various affiliates
who would then place your ad on their websites. Whenever
your ad is clicked, a visitor would be directed to your
landing page and you would have to pay the affiliate for
his service.

As a seller, you earn in an affiliate program through
conversions that is whenever a visitor that is directed to
your site actually buys a product on your site. Without these
conversions, you actually earn nothing from the program.

Now, you sure won’t get any conversion if you have posted an
ad on your affiliate’s site without an actual landing page for
the potential customer to be redirected into. It’s just like
advertising a product without actually having a store to sell
your product. Your advertisement may be enticing enough to
encourage people to purchase a product but without the
landing page, how will they know how to purchase the product

It is therefore important to have landing pages for your ads
because it is the only way for you to earn something in an
affiliate program.

Many people make the mistake of making their website’s homepage
as the landing page for their ads. The same is true for those who
make use of other pages like a “contact us” page or a product page.
Homepages are often designed to serve multiple users and contains
a lot of links to other pages or to other websites. If you want to
be successful in an affiliate program, you don’t want your landing
page to cater to the needs of various people, most of which may not
be really interested with your product.

When choosing a landing page, you must always have the customer
directed into that page in mind. Therefore, your landing page must
be relevant to the keywords and the contents you placed on your ad.
It is important that the landing page can encourage your visitor to
take action to purchase your product or at least provide leads for
possible customers.

If you get into an affiliate marketing program without actually
having a landing page, you’ll end up paying too much without
getting anything in return. So if you still don’t have a landing
page for your ads, you should start creating one now.

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing
Copyright © Craig Warren

Online marketing presents you with an opportunity to get
more bang for your buck compared to traditional marketing.
This is particularly true for word of mouth marketing.

Word of Mouth Marketing on The Web

Word of mouth marketing refers to a type of marketing that
promotes something by enticing independent parties to
promote the service, idea or product to friends. The idea
is to create a buzz for the subject matter. In creating
the buzz, the goal is to create enough word of mouth
momentum to get the idea to spread quickly. People are the
sole conduit for the momentum. If you get it right, an
entire product can become an established success with
little or no paid marketing.

A classic example of word of mouth marketing, often called
viral, is the situation involving Red Bull. Red Bull is an
energy drink. When it was first introduced in Europe, rumors
spread that the drink was an aphrodisiac. Nobody knows who
started the rumors, but Red Bull became very popular. It
then evolved into a mixer for alcoholic drinks in nightclubs
and the rest is history. It is a hugely popular product and
much of the popularity arose through this word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing online works in much the same way.
The primary difference is it tends to happen much quicker
than in the real world. The Internet is full of forums where
like-minded people congregate. A new, cool product, idea or
service can blow up a site over night. If you don’t believe me,
consider the wild success of the Facebook platform,
Ebay and so on. Most of these sites grew into behemoths
because of word of mouth endorsements, not paid advertising.

Obviously, this type of marketing can lead to tremendous riches.
Unfortunately, it isn’t particularly easy to accomplish. Everyone
is trying to do it, so you really need to be pushing something
unique. If you can come up with something, it is time to hit
forums and other sites to create a buzz.

A traditional way to pursue viral marketing online is to offer
a free e-book. The book will detail your thoughts on some subject
matter, such as marketing. One makes the book available for
downloading and also allows people to send it to others. If you
are offering something of quality, the book should spread quickly
to thousands and thousands of people.

The ultimate goal is to promote it over and over until hundreds of
thousands of people have read it. At that point, you write another
e-book which you sell for $3 to $5. If people liked the first book,
they will buy the second. If 100,000 read the first one and only 10
percent by the second, you will have 10,000 sales. This strategy
has been pursued over and over by many authors.

The word of mouth approach is definitely a hit and miss strategy.
The large online communities make it a viable strategy, but there
are a lot of people trying to do it. If you fail 50 times, but
succeed once, life will be very good.

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Ways to Get More Referrals

Ways to Get More Referrals
Copyright © Craig Warren

When you are in the business of sales, among the many key
ingredients to your success is receiving referrals from as
many sources as possible.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning you walked into your
office and had a referral sitting there waiting for you on
your desk?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, but here are few
suggestions that should help steer some referrals your

Referral Groups

There are many referral groups out there for you to choose
from. The premise of a referral group is first and foremost
to receive and give referrals.

It works something like this…

Once a week your referral group meets at a designated spot
for breakfast or lunch, and the meeting typically lasts for
an hour to an hour and a half.

These groups normally don’t allow for any kind of conflict
between industries, so you will most likely be the only one
representing your industry. For instance there is only one
banker, one printer, one loan officer and so on.

In the beginning you spend some time catching up and
exchanging business cards. As you are eating, each person
is given a minute or two to take the floor and talk about
themselves and the company that they work for, and give the
group an idea of what a good referral would be for them.

Look at it from this point of view, if your group has
twenty-five or more people in it, then consider it a sales
force working for you. Don’t forget, you are required to give
referrals also.

Chambers of Commerce

Every city, town, or county has a Chamber of Commerce.
They are not hard to find, and they are fairly simple to
join. You can easily find your local chapter on the web or
in the yellow pages. They also advertise in local business
directories and news papers.

The chamber is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
They meet once a week usually with a luncheon at a local
restaurant. The first half hour is a network and business
card exchange, followed by lunch with announcements
about upcoming events, and a guest speaker.

Before hand, tables are provided to display your literature
and props, and be on hand to discuss your business.

Chambers also hold annual events that you can participate
in. Their events are normally held in the form of business
expositions where you can rent a booth to display and sell
your products.

Chambers normally have a lot of members depending upon
the location, so you will probably find yourself competing
for business with other people in your industry.

This can be very beneficial to your business. These
organizations are great for meeting people as well.

Keep in mind, these organizations come with very
reasonable annual fees, so make sure it fits your budget.

Giving Referrals

Perhaps one of the best ways to get referrals is to give
referrals. If you give someone a referral and it works out
for them, they will love you and remember you forever.
And in turn, send referrals back your way.

I have to say, throughout my time online, I found this
to be one very effective way to get referrals. You might
want to consider teaming up with someone with a similar
job in your industry. For instance, if you are a loan
officer, team up with a realtor, or if you are a home
inspector, you might team up with an appraiser.

These are some very effective ways to keep those referrals
coming your way. They have worked for me, and I have found
them to be a nice way to break up my week, and build
relationships with other business people in my community.
Give it a shot. You wont be disappointed.

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Working From Home Is A Reality

Working From Home Is A Reality
Copyright © Craig Warren

Have you considered working from home? It really has major

You don’t need to buy expensive work clothes. They are
uncomfortable and nothing at all like wearing a warm robe
and slippers! You don’t need to pay for gas to get to work
every day. Depending on where you live, you don’t have to
scrape your windshield in the freezing cold. You don’t have
to put up with tons of daily traffic. You don’t have to pay
for a sitter for your kids, pets, etc. You can take a break
and work out or take a walk without punching a time clock.
You wont have a nosy boss breathing down your neck!

Sounding good so far?

Isn’t working from home really what you would like to do,
or is it just a dream that might not ever happen? No, it
isn’t just a dream! For example, think about celebrities
or athletes that grew up very poor, and then turned their
lives around. Do you think they ever had doubts? Sure they
did, but they kept on working toward what they wanted and
after much dedication and hard work, they all achieved
their dreams.

First of all, in order to get an online business going you
will need to find your niche. Have you considered what you
would enjoy doing? Take a subject or product that you have
some knowledge and/or interest in. You wouldn’t want to be
selling pet supplies when you can’t stand animals and have
no knowledge of their care. Or your hobby is daily target
practice at the neighbors cat! It really is difficult to
sell something you know nothing about or don’t care about.

I remember sitting in a job interview where I would be a
sales rep for a major cigarette company. Things were
going great, the income they promised was very appealing,
the signal I was getting was very positive. Then they
asked me when I was able to start the job. All of a sudden
it hit me, I cant do this! All of these dont’s came into my
head. I don’t smoke and I don’t want to sell something
that I don’t agree with. So I politely told them that I had
changed my mind and I couldn’t accept the position. I
left the interview and actually felt great relief instead
of regret, I knew it was the right thing to do! I wouldn’t
have been a very effective sales person for them

Once you have figured out your niche, you may want to get
a website. If you don’t know HTML, there are websites like
the one in the resource box of this article that will allow
you to manage your own website without HTML knowledge,
as well as numerous others. Once you form your website,
start marketing it each day. Try to get noticed in chat
rooms, forums, and article sites. Be sure the link to your
website is always included in the signature file or in your

Very important! Don’t give up too soon if things don’t start
moving along as fast as you might want them to. A want it
now attitude has wasted a lot of my efforts simply because
I just didn’t give my business enough time to develop. When
I look at the past, just as I was on the brink of really
making something successful, I got impatient and gave up
and tried something else! If you keep working on your
business, in due time it will flourish.

With brick and mortar businesses, supposedly you are
doing well if you break even after the first year! I think
that old analogy is outdated for online businesses though.
If you allow time each day to work on marketing and stay
focused on your goals, you will be successful with working
at home, and maybe sooner than you think. You wont get rich
quick immediately, but you will be able to earn a substantial
income over time depending on how much effort you put into it.
Be patient and work hard, you will get results!

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Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead
Copyright © Craig Warren

Working From Home Plan Ahead For When Disaster or
Tragedy Occurs

Disasters or family tragedies can strike families in many
forms of Mother Nature, sickness and even computer
problems can cause major difficulties for your business.
Do you have a plan of action on how you will handle your
home-based business if disaster were to strike? If not,
you absolutely need to. Having a plan ensures that you
can not only keep your business running, but decrease
stress because you have already prepared for the

Below are four tips to help you handle the unexpected.

1. Work around the events Your customers will understand
as long as you communicate with them. Be honest that
things may take a little longer than usual, but keep your
customers updated as often as possible. Communication
is the key. Most people will understand the delay as long
as they are aware of it. If you get to the point where you
can’t work or finish a project, but sure to be clear and
honest about the situation and try to make an
arrangement that will be acceptable. Also, let them know
as soon as possible so they can prepare. Don’t wait until
the last-minute to advise them of a potential problem.

If you’re struggling because of a child being sick, try to
work when the child is sleeping and don’t stress yourself
out to work at other times. Make a schedule of what needs
to be done, so that you can accomplish as much as
possible during these times.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we tend to feel that we
should be able to handle everything that is thrown at us.
Unfortunately, this just isn’t always the case. There are
times when we need to allow ourselves to ask for help.
When a tragedy occurs and you are simply overwhelmed,
find someone who you trust and ask them for help. Many
times, just having someone reply to customers on your
behalf can take the pressure off your shoulders.

Allowing someone to help you when necessary can also be
uplifting to them as they feel they can be a part of helping
in a difficult situation. So don’t shy away from letting others
know. We all benefit when we work together and help one

3. Prepare for the worst Because we never know what the future
holds, it is always better to be prepared. As the old saying goes,
Better safe than sorry.

One of the best resources to help you prepare is the Home Office
Recovery Plan: Disaster Preparedness for Your Home Office by
authors Diana Ennen and Patty Gale. This e-book covers all the
bases of getting a Disaster Recovery Plan in place now so that if
disaster strikes your home business or an emergency arises, you
are able to get your business back up and running quickly and

4. Get a Plan – There are times when life becomes overwhelming
and you simply aren’t able to accomplish everything on your own.
It’s for these times that you need to have some type of log of
what you do and what needs to be done. Keep a spreadsheet of
tasks that’s done, how often they are done and mark them
completed as you are able. Keep a list of passwords in a safe,
secure place. Make sure that your family (or whoever may be
helping you during this time) is able to carry on even in the
event that you are away from home.

If possible, train someone who you trust to do the things that
you do each day (at least the key things), so that when the
unexpected arises you wont be caught off-guard.

Tragedy comes in many shapes and forms, but if you are prepared
much of the unnecessary stress can be avoided. When tragedy
strikes, you want to be focused on the important things in life,
your family and you. By advance planning you are able to do so.

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A Sales Culture

A Sales Culture
Copyright © Craig Warren

Hopefully you’ve taken the time to clarify the roles of
your sales team and sales management. It’s a valuable
exercise. Now you get to assess sales team strategy and
culture. Regardless of your methodology half of your sales
representatives currently perform below average. Fifty
percent are performing below average! Think about that.
This is an indisputable fact. So why even assess the team?
Simply put, to sell more.

Successful selling organizations consist of three components;
investment, activity and results. The first component is the
investment in the sales team. The investment is measured in
compensation, benefits, computers, software, training, hiring,
meetings, sales material, phones and other related expenses.

The second element is the activity of the investment. Face-to-face
meetings, travel, preparation, telephone calls and administration
comprise the second element. The third, and vital, component stands
alone; results. How many sales were generated? Profits? Current
market share?

The glue that binds the three distinct parts includes your people,
culture and customers. Is there a career path for salespeople? What
is your turnover rate? Who are the sales heroes? What is driving the
team to achieve?

The best sales managers and sales teams recognize four productivity

1. Sales research-information related to market trends, target markets,
customers, trends, etc.

2. Investment and organization-size, structure and deployment of sales
team allows you to get the right people at the right place at the right

3. People-selection, training, managing, motivating, evaluation and

4. Sales systems and processes-compensation, incentives, benefits,
internal support, etc.

Tests and surveys remain the most effective way to assess salespeople.
Companies rarely assess sales management instead relying on results to
determine effectiveness.

A successful selling organization operates in a progressive culture.
What’s a culture? That’s best answered by the following story.

Six apes were placed in a room with a ladder. A bunch of bananas hung from
the center of the room. One ape started to climb the ladder for the fruit
and the entire room was showered with cold water. This happened a few times
until any ape that wandered near the ladder was beat up by other apes. A new
guy replaced one of the original apes. The new guy, wanting to be a hero,
headed for the ladder and received a thorough beating. He learned not to go
near the ladder. Eventually every one of the original apes was replaced. The
beatings continued. The replacement apes were unaware why they were
prohibiting others from going near the ladder. They just knew the ladder was

That’s a culture. Are there any new apes on your team following old practices
without knowing why? Cultures evolve over time and their origins are rarely
known. Does your sales team have a culture? I bet it does. Is it a good one?
Sales cultures consist of three elements:

Norms-how individuals actually behave.

Values-how individuals should behave.

Work styles-diligent, tardy, professional, thorough, detailed, casual?

Changing negative cultures represents a significant challenge but is
mandatory if you want to stay in business. People are the agents of change
and must be supported by management. Who are the heroes of your sales team?
How long have they been the department hero and for what reason? Knowing these
answers will help you assess your culture.

You must first formulate your vision of the sales team and evaluate all key
contributing factors. Great companies communicate their vision clearly and
frequently with all sales related personnel. Don’t leave anyone out that comes
in contact with your sales team.

Next, you must put your vision in action by rewarding individuals for acting
in concordance with your vision. This is a process not a destination but as
it evolves your sales will increase and profits will soar.

This takes courage. You need to ask and answer tough questions. Dedication to
a better selling team is required. Don’t give up until your vision is clarified,
communicated and leads to rewarding the winners.

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How To Find a Niche Market for Work at Home

How To Find a Niche Market for Work at Home
Copyright © Craig Warren

Below are some solid informational tips for stay at home
workers on starting their home based business in 30 minutes
a day. The idea is to create a niche market, or find a
market that is missing something that you can provide,
and market this over the internet.

To begin with you should consider some things like, what
are you really good at? What would you love to do for a
full-time job? These two questions are really important
to finding your niche market, if you don’t like what you
do, you might as well not bother doing it, look for
something that you love doing, like talking about your
kids? What ever it is research it, find out what your
industry is missing, it could be anything, lack of
information? When you have determined this you have
found your niche.

Write down ideas as you get them about you niche market,
it doesn’t matter what they are, just write them down so
you don’t forget them, then you can ponder them later.
Here are some more ideas for finding your niche market:

Improving an Existing Market

Is there a product that you could make better, for example
imagine baby food, if you could make baby food that tasted
good, had all of the nutrients and minerals in to help
babies grow up healthy and you could produce this at a
competitive price, you would really be on to something!

Adapt an Existing Market

Adapt or change something about a product to make it more
marketable, an ideal example of this is making a fat-free
chocolate cake that tastes just as good as a regular chocolate
cake and market it to people wanting to lose weight? Although
this has been done before, it was a good idea when it was new.

Repackage a Product

This can be good, but competition is fierce, as a lot of people
are already doing this, a good idea is not to limit yourself to
just one product, offer a few repackaged items, for example
e-books to your niche market.

Solve a Problem

Find out what people are talking about in your niche market,
figure out the problems that people are having, or what is missing
in the industry and develop a service or product that will fill
the need. A good way to find out this sort of information is to
visit related message boards, forums and blogs to see what people
are talking about.

Tap into a Trend

Keep an eye out for what’s hot, what are people interested in,
there are trends started every day, all that you need to do is tap
into them, and you have a ready market or a demand, begging for a
product or service.

Once you have found your niche market, and found which angle
you are going to market it from, it is time to start work on
how to get your new niche market internet business off of the

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How to Not Waste Money on Marketing

How to Not Waste Money on Marketing
Copyright © Craig Warren

If you own your own business, you’re probably inundated
with advertising and marketing opportunities and
salespeople. You probably get asked to sponsor events and
donate to organizations. Maybe you’ve even been hit up by
the premium company trying to get you to buy pens with your
company name on them.

So how do you know what to spend your marketing dollars on,
and what to pass on?

How do you avoid wasting your money on marketing that isn’t
going to result in more clients and more sales? How can you
ensure you’ll get the biggest bang for the buck?

The answer is to go back to your marketing plan and look at
your goals and objectives. You’ll also want to look at who
you identified as your ideal prospects or target clients.

Then you simply evaluate these potential marketing activities
based on their ability to help you achieve your objectives, and
their ability to put you or your company in front of your ideal

While sponsorships and donations are in part a goodwill activity
and can be very worthwhile for that reason alone, if you’re
evaluating them from a marketing perspective (and I recommend you
do, especially if you get asked to sponsor or donate frequently)
you need to make sure they will give you exposure to your ideal
prospects and contribute toward reaching your objectives.

The value of the exposure you receive should be worth the investment
you are making. Consider what it would cost to reach those prospects
in another manner to help determine the value of the exposure.

As far as purchasing pens with your company name, the same tests apply.
Ask yourself how you will use the pens. Will they provide exposure to
your ideal prospects or clients?

Will they reach your prospects in a manner no other marketing activity
can? For example, if you are looking for repeat business from your
clients, if they have a pen with your name on it that they see and use
everyday perhaps they will be reminded to frequent your business.

If you are planning to do a direct mail follow-up to clients who haven’t
done business with you in a while, a pen might be a nice premium to include
in the mailing, and it will continue to serve as a reminder long after the
direct mail piece is read and thrown away.

But do not order the pens if you don’t have a plan for using them and an
objective for what you hope to achieve. Just having pens with your company
name without these two items defined is definitely a waste of your money.

Whenever you are questioning whether you should take advantage of a
particular marketing opportunity, ask yourself these three questions:

1) Will it provide exposure to my ideal prospects or target clients?

2) Will it help me achieve my marketing objectives?

3) Is this exposure worth the dollars I am investing?

If you can answer “YES” to all three questions, and you have marketing
budget available, then you’ll want to seriously consider the opportunity.

If your answer is “no” to the first two questions, and the opportunity
doesn’t put you in front of your ideal prospects or help reach your
objectives, you’ll want to “just say NO!” to that particular marketing

If the answer is “yes” to the first two questions, but “no” to question
number three and the opportunity is well-suited to your marketing plan
but the value just isn’t there, you may want to go back and negotiate
more exposure or a lower price.

And, last but certainly not least, if you don’t have a marketing plan to
help you evaluate these kinds of opportunities when they come your way,
my advice is simple: You need to get one.

If you haven’t identified who your ideal prospects are and what you want
to achieve with your business you will most certainly waste valuable time
and money on marketing opportunities that are not a good fit for your
business. In fact you’ll be in danger of doing this everyday.

If you need help creating a marketing plan, The 10stepmarketing System is
a great way to do it. When you create your own marketing plan using the
simple, step-by-step 10stepmarketing System you are setting your business
up for success and you can be sure you are not wasting valuable dollars on
marketing that won’t deliver you the results you deserve.

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The Art Of Making Fast Money

The Art Of Making Fast Money
Copyright © Craig Warren

In the immortal words of the great Zig Ziglar, “Money isn’t
the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close
to oxygen on the gotta have it scale. In this article I’m
going to refine your understanding about money. One of
my greatest insights and valuable observations is to accept
that money is not all the same. There are different species
of money, you can divide money into 3 groups. Fast money,
hourly money and credit money. The first is not based or
connected to time, the other two are completely based
around time.

Immediately we can observe when looking at these three species
of money that one is very desirable and the other two are
worse and much worse. One stands head and shoulders above the
other two and is the key to wealth. The other two lead to a
life of daily role and the poor house respectively.

Credit money

Money you borrow to buy certain pleasures in life is the worst
kind of money. Not surprisingly it is very closely connected to
hourly money because to get credit money you must prove that
you have hourly money (a job). Then you can have access to credit

The point of credit money is to exchange time for the interest
you pay. In other words, you can buy that car today and pay for
it later. For a compounded interest rate of 10% to 20% you buy
tomorrow’s savings today. For people who prefer hourly money
this type of transaction can seem highly desirable. You don’t
have to wait 5 years to save for that car because you can have
it now. The problem with credit money is the same problem that
one gets with hourly money but much worse. Not only are we
selling our precious time for money, but now we are selling and
committing tomorrow’s time for money today.

Hourly Money

This is the most obvious way to make money for people.
Hourly labor for hourly money. 90% of the world’s population gets
their money this way. A very inefficient way to get your money
but you get it for sure. Security of a pay check is the number
one reason why people strive to get hourly money.

Before reading this article, you may have never even thought about
the three species of money. You may have not even considered that
there is another type of money but hourly money and credit money.
But there is. Fast money is what the 10% wealthy people strive for.
The financial owners of planet Earth, the 10% cream of financial
circles create money they don’t work for it.

Fast Money

The art of authentic creation The art of fast money can be boiled down
to one specific and it’s that it’s not connected to time. In this
strange world, $100,000 in 10 minutes is nothing unusual. A million
dollars in an afternoon is typical. $30,000 in 2 days is nothing special.
You may balk at these time frames and amounts but that is the point of
this species of money. The time component is totally irrelevant.

So if hourly money and credit money are intrinsically centered around
time…what is fast money centered around?


Fast money is not made by mindless time counting. Fast money is made by
delivering solutions. An example of this can be found in the old dentists
joke. A guy goes in to have a tooth removed and the dentist tells the
fellow it will cost $1200 to remove. The fellow replies, well how long
will it take? The dentist replies 2 minutes. The poor guy is incredulous,
you mean to tell me that you want $1200 for 2 minutes work? The dentist
replies, well sir, if u want me to take an hour doing it I can do that

You see the old fellow needed a solution to his problem. The dentist had
that solution and had the tools to achieve the solution in 2 minutes. The
fellow wanted a solution to his problem and that is what he was paying for,
not the time spent, as his dentist adeptly pointed out.

Fast money and the art of finding and getting fast money can be found by
finding people with urgent and pressing problems.

To get involved in this amazing fast money world, you must seek out these
types of people. Find these types situations and begin providing your own
unique and authentic solutions to get paid fast.

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Free Home Based Business

Free Home Based Business
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If you’re looking to make some extra cash but have little
business experience or little money, then starting an
online free home based business could be for you.

By beginning with a free home based business you’ll gain
the experience and the capital you will need to really take
your earnings to the next level. You will learn what works
and what doesn’t. The risk in a free home based business is
nothing – so you have nothing to lose!

Any one can be successful with a free home based business
but it does take time and lots of it. Having some funding
will speed the process up and a good strategy is to use
half of your profits towards paid advertising.

The following free home based business requires little
knowledge, no financial investment and provides a firm
foundation for the future. Here’s what you need to build
your own free home based business:

(a) Product
Find a free program with a wide range of products for your
free home based business. This way you will be able to
experiment with different markets to find the one, which
works, for you.

Choose a program, which has been around for more than 10
years. One with the largest possible number of affiliates
(or members) and with a step-by-step training program.

The program must provide no cost advertising pages for
your free home based business to use.

To start, select a product where you are paid to give
something away. As your skills grow, you can move to
selling more costly items from your free home based

(b) Advertising
There are a number of advertising options for a free
home based business. Traffic exchanges, free advertising
directories, blogs and forums are the most widely used.
You can also submit articles with your tinyurl.

(c) Page or URL Rotator
A URL rotator is a must for an online free home based
business. It will allow you to send all your advertising
to one place the rotator. It then shares all the incoming
hits amongst the products you have chosen advertise.

Having a rotator allows you to change products without
having to go back and change all the advertisements for
your free home based business.

There are many excellent free rotators on the web. A good
one will provide you information about the number of page
hits sent to each product and where the incoming hits came

(d) TinyURL
Most page rotators have quite long names. These can be off-
putting to prospective customers. So go to a site named
www.tinyurl.com. There you can type in a long name. It will
be shortened into something which works better with your
advertising campaigns (and protect your precious affiliate

Pulling it all together:

1. Load up the page rotator for your free home based business
with web pages of all the products you wish to sell. I suggest
starting with no more than three.

2. Then create a tinyurl for your page rotator.

3. Place advertisements in every directory you can find

4. Add your link to the bottom of your emails

5. Join every free traffic exchange you can

6. Write and submit an article per week with your tinyurl in
the bio line

7. Find a number of active forums and post helpful messages
making sure your tinyurl is included in your signature line.

8. Start you own free blog. Put a new entry in your blog at
least once per week. Make sure there are plenty of links to
your free home based business products from your blog. Always
announce your blog updates using the tool at www.pingomatic.com.

Your objective is to get as many links back to your page rotator
as you possibly can. The more people who see your links the more
traffic to your rotator and the more sales you will make.

There it is, the basis of a free home based business and the
start of your online empire.

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