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How To Build a Duplicating Downline

How To Build a Duplicating Downline
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Regardless of the controversy that the term Multi-Level
Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing brings to mind when
mentioned in a conversation, the success of such an
industry cannot be denied at the moment.

The long existence of multitudes of MLM organizations is
a wonderful indicator that network marketing is here to
stay and flourish. As such, additional people are trying
to join the bandwagon, building their own MLM .

But, a lot of people are completely misguided or
misinformed resulting into the collapse of several
network marketing businesses. True that it is difficult
to maintain multi-level marketing that could proliferate
well, but undoubtedly there is one key component for a
network marketing organization’s success and that is a
duplicating down-line.

Most people do not know how to build a duplicating
down-line, but hopefully with the tips to be presented,
one may be able to gather a well generating force that
almost immediately translate into a productive MLM

Multi-level marketing certainly entails leadership,
specifically when building a down-line. Since building a
down-line is only another designation for the recruitment
process, great people management skills is important in
order for the down-line to operate well and thus

A lot of people think that network marketing is a self-
generating business, but if that was the case, then no
MLM organization would have had fails. Down-lines
certainly not duplicate on their own, even if the product
being marketed is perfect. The people in the down-line are
to be trained and mentored well or else the business
would take no direction and would lastly fall flat.

The person on top of the down-line may be able to sign
multitudes, but that does not guarantee duplication.
Without a clear direction, the network would not expand
towards success, but instead be paralyzed. The ones on
top may easily put the blame on the ones at the bottom,
but who recruited the people down there anyway. Managing
a multi-level marketing organization entails a lot of
generosity and selflessness.

Duplicability is after all not just the expansion of
people in numbers, but the duplication of the success
throughout all the people in the down-line.

It is a sad fact in human life that a lot of people think
only for themselves. The people on top could think only
of their success and see the ones under as nothing but
machines to propagate the success. But that cannot happen
in multi-level marketing.

In order for the top to succeed, the bottom should be
able to succeed as well. When building a down line, one
should have a mindset that allows the success to trickle
downwards and not just to remain on top.

The founder of the network marketing organization should
be very conscious that what he or she was able to do, the
people in the down-line could do perfectly as well. There
should be no secrets within the organization for the
down-line to duplicate.

The top-line should be able to share and teach the
down-line the same philosophies and techniques so that
the success of the top could be replicated by people
in the down-line.

Building a duplicating down-line actually means
duplicating one’s self. This means that when building a
down-line, one does not just inform people how to sell,
rather, one influences or even infects others with one
whole self, well at least just the business component
of one’s self.

When building a down-line, one has to transmit the psyche
of the top to the bottom, the bottom should be able to
act in the same way as the ones on top. The down-line
ultimately becomes one with their organizer or founder,
they should be able to share the same dreams, anxieties
and hopes so that the success that the ones on top
experienced would be replicated by the ones on the

This speaks a lot about the recruitment process itself.
True that is hard to enlist exact copies of the founder,
but one has to carefully enlist individuals who have the
capacity to act and think in the same wavelength as the

In this light, the leader of a network marketing
organization should reflect and see how the connection
with the down-line, or the prospective down-line is. First
one has to be sure if the people in the down-line could
relate with the leader and vice-versa. Duplication is
unachievable without proper relation. Second, the leader
should act in a way that is not so alienating to the
down-line, otherwise they might think to highly of the
leader that they might assume they would never be able
to be like him or her.

Again, a duplicating down-line should have a duplicable
top. With this in mind, building a duplicability can be
ensured as well as the success of the business.

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