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The Get Rich Quick Mentality

The Get Rich Quick Mentality
Copyright © Craig Warren

Building any kind of business takes time, money, energy
and focus. Obviously some businesses take more or less
of each ingredient. Internet businesses are no different
than a traditional brick and mortar business, except for
the fact that they can cost substantially less to get
started. That’s why they are so attractive to a lot of

For some reason however, the internet is fill with get
rich quick schemes and scams and all though many are not
schemes or scams, they just don’t work. With that said,
there is a whole segment of internet entrepreneurs that
want to make as much money as they can as fast as they

As if you haven’t noticed, the get rich quick mentality
is rampant on the net and it’s getting worse everyday.
There is a vicious cycle that just seems to perpetuate
itself and I’m not sure which came first, the hucksters
or the prospectors. In other words, the people selling
get rich quick or the people searching for it. It seems
as though there are opportunity seekers out there who
are asking to be scammed.

What has perpetuated this kind of thinking is a lack of
vision in the internet business person. It doesn’t matter
what kind of business you are involved in, you have to
take the time to do the necessary work to make your
business successful. Sure, lots of people are able to
make decent sums of money rather quickly on the net, but
these kinds of businesses won’t last. In a few months,
many of the people who are getting rich quick today,
will be on to something else because they were only able
to make money for a limited amount of time with their
latest deal.

Wouldn’t you rather have a business that you can build
on, that you can make grow and that will last for a long
time and produce income for years for you and your family
instead of having to rebuild your income every year? This
is the most important point I am going to make in this
article. You absolutely must take the time to build your
business correctly on the net or you will never make a
substantial amount of money for the log run.

The opportunities on the net are limitless and more and
more people are shopping online every year. However, you
can’t just throw up a few pages of meaningless content
and expect to get ranked at the search engines and start
making gobs of money, even though there is lots to be

Anyone with a brick and mortar business will tell you
that they usually don’t make any money for the first 2 to
5 years in their business. So how does this time-table
translate for an internet business?

Some people think they are going to put up a web site or
blog and start making money in a month or a few weeks.
I’m sorry to tell you, that just isn’t going to happen.
Depending on the kind of business you are focusing on
expect to put in 6 months to 1 year of seriously hard
work before you see any substantial results in your

Also, you need to become a student of your business and
internet marketing in general to make sure your business

There are people who want to be in business for
themselves on the net but somewhere they get the idea
that all the information they need to get started should
be free. They are afraid to spend a dime to learn the
correct way to build a web business or they want someone
to do all the work for them by giving them unlimited free

You will have a profitable net business only if you
invest in it with your time, money for the necessary
tools, work and education. There are thousands of get
rich quick deals out there clogging up search engines
waiting to take people’s money. Do yourself and the rest
of us a favor, don’t add another one to the mix. Start a
real business on the net, instead of just trying to get
rich quick.

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The Biggest Mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes
Copyright © Craig Warren

When you’re starting a home business, it’s all too easy
to make mistakes after all, you’ve never done this
before. Fortunately for you though, you can learn from
others errors, by making sure you don’t do any of these

Thinking Skills You Don’t Have Aren’t Important.

So you have no idea how to keep records and accounts, or
you don’t know how to maintain a mailing list. You need
to learn these things! Too many home business owners just
do the things that they know how to do, and assume that
they can probably get by without everything else.

You need to realize that when you’re running a home
business, you’re going to need to do as much as you can
for yourself, especially when you’re starting out. This
means that you can’t get by if your business skills are
lacking. I always say that everyone who is thinking of
starting a business should take an inexpensive and quick
local business course, and I stand by it even if you
think you’ll be fine, it can’t hurt, can it?

Not Managing Your Time.

When you’re used to working nine to five, an easy trap
to fall into is not managing your time effectively. Your
home is full of distractions, and there won’t be anyone
there to tell you to get on with it. If you’re prone to
daydreaming or procrastinating then this can be
disastrous. Whole days can go by with only tiny amounts
of work getting done.

You need to be sure that you have a schedule and you
stick to it. Draw a clear line between work and non-work
time and don’t cross the line in either direction. Apart
from that, the word to remember is prioritize. Appreciate
that you won’t always be able to do everything but make
sure you get at least the important things done.

Making Clients Think You’re a Joke.

There are many home businesses where clients might need
to visit your home but make sure it’s fit for visiting!
You can’t lead them into a messy office, or be holding
your dog back from barking at them when you first meet.
Remember that professionalism is important, and it’s too
easy to end up looking silly if you don’t plan how you’re
going to make a good impression when you invite people to
your home.

If you can’t afford a business annex to your house,
then consider hiring someone to look after your dog or
children for a few hours while you have a business
meeting there. It might also be worth paying a cleaner to
give the place a quick once-over, if you haven’t had time
to clean up for a while.

Not Specializing

Too many home businesses, when asked who their target
market is, say well everyone, silly. Your target market
is never everyone — if it is, you will fail. You can’t
just choose an industry and advertise your new-found
profession to everyone, in the hope that someone will
work out that the fact you’re an electrician means maybe
they should ask you about re-wiring their house.

The key to success is this, think about what you can do,
and then market that to people who will want it.
Advertise in places where these people are. If your
business has no target market, then you have no business,

Making Start-Up Costs Too High.

Finally, too many people over-estimate how much money
it’s going to take to start a home business. Do you
really buy all brand-new equipment? If you’re spending
thousands of dollars before you’ve made any sales at all,
you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Start your business on a shoestring, work hard, and
expand gradually otherwise you’re setting yourself up
for a big fall. However much you might think you ought
to do things properly, you need to make sure that
you’re minimizing costs and maximizing profit every step
of the way, otherwise you’re failing yourself as a home
business owner. It’s when you start to get some bigger
clients and better cash-flow that you can start paying a
little extra to make your business life more comfortable.

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Why Start a Home Business

Why Start a Home Business
Copyright © Craig Warren

Working from home is a dream for many but actually going
ahead and starting a home business is very difficult. So
what makes so many people want to do it and why would
you ever try such a crazy thing? Here are some common
reasons and some things to consider.

You Can Build Your Great Idea

It suddenly hit you like a bolt of lightning: you’ve
thought of a great business idea. This is perhaps the
number one reason that people go into business from
home. They’ve come up with something great that they
really believe in, but can’t afford to rent any business
premises. It does depend on what the business is but
working from home is often ideal in these situations.

Remember though that even the best ideas take hard
work to become a reality. The kind of ideas that are
good for a home-based business are ones that can
become at least partly real quickly, and start bringing
in an income you shouldn’t sit at home for a year
working on something that’s making you nothing

You Can Make Your Hobby a Job

Most people have something that they’re really
passionate about and would spend the rest of their
life doing if they could, just for the enjoyment of
it. Getting paid for doing what you love is obviously
appealing even if you only earn a living wage, it’d
be your idea of paradise.

Make sure though that you’d be able to take it if you
had to make a living from your passion. It’s the things
were closest to that hurt us the most think of how you
might feel if no-one buys what you’ve made, or if they
send it back and with a note saying what rubbish, I
demand a refund! Can you cope with your hobby
becoming commercial?

You’re Tired of Your Boss

It seems like everyone hates their boss. They try to
pretend like they’re your friend, but they’re not fooling
anyone, are they? You’re forced to work to pointless
deadlines and targets. Anytime you spot a better way
of doing something you’re told that its impractical or
worse, that its great but the stupid way of doing things
is already established and policy.

What you might not realize is that being your own boss
requires quite a lot of willpower. If there was no-one
to make you get up in the morning and do any work,
would you? Your home is supposed to be a place of
rest and entertainment and when its full of the
equipment and temptation to do anything but work,
working there can be hard.

You Want to Spend More Time with Your Family

You feel like all you do is go to work, come home and
then sit around, to tired to do anything fun with your
family. If you have children, they seem to be growing
up so fast and you’re missing it all because you
have to go out and work.

Of course, the flip side here is that you might just end
up spending too much time with your family, while
you’re trying to work. When everyone knows you’ll be in
the house all day, they’ll probably ask you to do all
sorts of unimportant things, just because you’re available.
It’s hard to say no and before you know it, you’re doing the
job of a full-time housewife instead of what you set out
to do.

You Don’t Like Wasting Time and Money Commuting

After all, once you get to the office, what is there
anyway? Offices are dreary environments and terrible to
work in traveling for hours there and back and spending
a significant proportion of your wages to do it seems
completely pointless (especially if you live in the
middle of nowhere). If you could work from home,
think of the time you’d save and time is money, isn’t

Don’t be surprised, however if you start to feel trapped
in your home, since you never leave it. Can you find
good ways to get away from it all?

But Don’t Be Put Off

While the list of warnings for working at home might look
long, a list of warnings about working in an office would
surely be longer. As long as you stay on your guard, you
can get all the benefits of working from home without
falling into any of the traps.

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Make Money With Your Website

Make Money With Your Website
Copyright © Craig Warren

Simple & sure ways to make money with your website

I think most legitimate work from home/online money-making
method is designing your own website and then turn it to a
host of money-making activities. Web sites is the ultimate
money-making machine, it earns even when you are sleeping.
Today, the Web is an intensely commercial medium, offering
plenty of ways to make money. So your best strategy is to
earn as much money as possible.

I have enlisted simple & sure ways to earn cash with your

Advertising On Your Website

The best and most proven method of making a profit out of
your website is using advertising. Internet advertising is
on an ascending trend, which shows plenty of potential for
the near and distant future.

Contextual ads

The popular search engine – Google has introduced a dramatic
new contextual advertising service called AdSense which allows
virtually any website owner to make money without having to do
to much. AdSense is a program in which you get paid for
targeting your readers to another websites product or service.
Google AdSense simply requires the host site to paste in a few
lines of HTML code on their pages where they want those ads to
appear. This code creates the ads that you see and when
someone clicks on one of these ads they go to the advertiser’s
site. The advertiser is then charged for the click by Google
and Google shares the money with you.

Sign up for Google Adsense and place Google ads on your
site. Google will display the most appropriate ads
according to your content and you will get paid for every
click on an ad. People are making thousands a month with

In-Text Ads

When you mouse over one of these doubly underlined
sponsored links you will be presented with a Tool Tip
describing an advertiser’s product or service. If someone
click on the keyword and it will act like an ordinary link
taking visitor to a page belonging to the advertising company.
For every click on a highlighted keyword, you will receive a
small payment.

In-Text Advertising solution lets you monetize your
content in real time, enabling an incremental increase
in ad revenue by providing a new source of untapped ad
inventory that does not compete with the other ad
programs running on the site. Thereby providing you
with a new revenue stream from the content within your
site. Intellitxt and ContextWeb provides in-text ads
to websites.

Display Affiliate Program’s Links and Banners

Another method of monetizing your traffic by putting
links/banners of affiliate programs on your website.
Concept is really quite simple. Every thing is based
on paid referral system. Visitors come to your website,
you introduced them to product or service from a third
party vendor through a banner or text link and you get
paid a commission by merchant in various ways. You
can choose affiliate networks where different advertisers
offer their banners codes and links that will display
their banners on your site along with tracking of your
sales and leads.

Sell Affiliate Products

Another profitable way to earn money is to sell affiliate
products. You simply direct traffic to their website and
earn commissions when people buy products.

A good way to start with affiliate products is to sign up
with ClickBank. There are well over 10,000 different Digital
info products. Write up some reviews and recommendations and
send traffic to the ClickBank merchant, and if the product sells,
you get commissions sometimes as high as 75%. This type of
website is very simple to set up, however, it requires a large
amount of visitor traffic to earn significant money. It’s easy
to complement an existing website with affiliate links for
offering related products to your visitors and at the same time
earning money.

Make money selling other company’s products through affiliate
programs. They’ll give you a link to track your sales. Amazon.com
is great place to get HTML codes for various products to promote
and earn commission. Thousands of people are making a full-time
income just by driving traffic from their site to merchant sites,
never touching or shipping a product.

Charge a fee to access a section of your site

Provide free access to main sections of your website, but you can
charge a fee for an access to members lounge where more lucrative
information is often available. If your content is unique and valuable,
you can make money charging for it online. People will pay for access,
if it’s useful to them. Your members lounge could be a forum,
downloadable software, eBooks, listings, etc.

Sell your own services to your target audience. Like if you have
a web site on making money online and you are a web designer, you
can make an offer to design a website to your visitor so that they
can make money from it. You want to be able to take credit
cards (at least with PayPal if not otherwise) on your site and
deliver your product to your customers as fast as possible.

There are many more methods to make money, but above enlisted
methods can generate a substantial amount of money for beginners
and let us leave rest for expert guys.

Lastly, when your website is up and working, invest 75% of your time
in promoting it. Remember most important factor is the amount of traffic
on your website.

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Working From Home Is A Reality

Working From Home Is A Reality
Copyright © Craig Warren

Have you considered working from home? It really has major

You don’t need to buy expensive work clothes. They are
uncomfortable and nothing at all like wearing a warm robe
and slippers! You don’t need to pay for gas to get to work
every day. Depending on where you live, you don’t have to
scrape your windshield in the freezing cold. You don’t have
to put up with tons of daily traffic. You don’t have to pay
for a sitter for your kids, pets, etc. You can take a break
and work out or take a walk without punching a time clock.
You wont have a nosy boss breathing down your neck!

Sounding good so far?

Isn’t working from home really what you would like to do,
or is it just a dream that might not ever happen? No, it
isn’t just a dream! For example, think about celebrities
or athletes that grew up very poor, and then turned their
lives around. Do you think they ever had doubts? Sure they
did, but they kept on working toward what they wanted and
after much dedication and hard work, they all achieved
their dreams.

First of all, in order to get an online business going you
will need to find your niche. Have you considered what you
would enjoy doing? Take a subject or product that you have
some knowledge and/or interest in. You wouldn’t want to be
selling pet supplies when you can’t stand animals and have
no knowledge of their care. Or your hobby is daily target
practice at the neighbors cat! It really is difficult to
sell something you know nothing about or don’t care about.

I remember sitting in a job interview where I would be a
sales rep for a major cigarette company. Things were
going great, the income they promised was very appealing,
the signal I was getting was very positive. Then they
asked me when I was able to start the job. All of a sudden
it hit me, I cant do this! All of these dont’s came into my
head. I don’t smoke and I don’t want to sell something
that I don’t agree with. So I politely told them that I had
changed my mind and I couldn’t accept the position. I
left the interview and actually felt great relief instead
of regret, I knew it was the right thing to do! I wouldn’t
have been a very effective sales person for them

Once you have figured out your niche, you may want to get
a website. If you don’t know HTML, there are websites like
the one in the resource box of this article that will allow
you to manage your own website without HTML knowledge,
as well as numerous others. Once you form your website,
start marketing it each day. Try to get noticed in chat
rooms, forums, and article sites. Be sure the link to your
website is always included in the signature file or in your

Very important! Don’t give up too soon if things don’t start
moving along as fast as you might want them to. A want it
now attitude has wasted a lot of my efforts simply because
I just didn’t give my business enough time to develop. When
I look at the past, just as I was on the brink of really
making something successful, I got impatient and gave up
and tried something else! If you keep working on your
business, in due time it will flourish.

With brick and mortar businesses, supposedly you are
doing well if you break even after the first year! I think
that old analogy is outdated for online businesses though.
If you allow time each day to work on marketing and stay
focused on your goals, you will be successful with working
at home, and maybe sooner than you think. You wont get rich
quick immediately, but you will be able to earn a substantial
income over time depending on how much effort you put into it.
Be patient and work hard, you will get results!

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Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead
Copyright © Craig Warren

Working From Home Plan Ahead For When Disaster or
Tragedy Occurs

Disasters or family tragedies can strike families in many
forms of Mother Nature, sickness and even computer
problems can cause major difficulties for your business.
Do you have a plan of action on how you will handle your
home-based business if disaster were to strike? If not,
you absolutely need to. Having a plan ensures that you
can not only keep your business running, but decrease
stress because you have already prepared for the

Below are four tips to help you handle the unexpected.

1. Work around the events Your customers will understand
as long as you communicate with them. Be honest that
things may take a little longer than usual, but keep your
customers updated as often as possible. Communication
is the key. Most people will understand the delay as long
as they are aware of it. If you get to the point where you
can’t work or finish a project, but sure to be clear and
honest about the situation and try to make an
arrangement that will be acceptable. Also, let them know
as soon as possible so they can prepare. Don’t wait until
the last-minute to advise them of a potential problem.

If you’re struggling because of a child being sick, try to
work when the child is sleeping and don’t stress yourself
out to work at other times. Make a schedule of what needs
to be done, so that you can accomplish as much as
possible during these times.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we tend to feel that we
should be able to handle everything that is thrown at us.
Unfortunately, this just isn’t always the case. There are
times when we need to allow ourselves to ask for help.
When a tragedy occurs and you are simply overwhelmed,
find someone who you trust and ask them for help. Many
times, just having someone reply to customers on your
behalf can take the pressure off your shoulders.

Allowing someone to help you when necessary can also be
uplifting to them as they feel they can be a part of helping
in a difficult situation. So don’t shy away from letting others
know. We all benefit when we work together and help one

3. Prepare for the worst Because we never know what the future
holds, it is always better to be prepared. As the old saying goes,
Better safe than sorry.

One of the best resources to help you prepare is the Home Office
Recovery Plan: Disaster Preparedness for Your Home Office by
authors Diana Ennen and Patty Gale. This e-book covers all the
bases of getting a Disaster Recovery Plan in place now so that if
disaster strikes your home business or an emergency arises, you
are able to get your business back up and running quickly and

4. Get a Plan – There are times when life becomes overwhelming
and you simply aren’t able to accomplish everything on your own.
It’s for these times that you need to have some type of log of
what you do and what needs to be done. Keep a spreadsheet of
tasks that’s done, how often they are done and mark them
completed as you are able. Keep a list of passwords in a safe,
secure place. Make sure that your family (or whoever may be
helping you during this time) is able to carry on even in the
event that you are away from home.

If possible, train someone who you trust to do the things that
you do each day (at least the key things), so that when the
unexpected arises you wont be caught off-guard.

Tragedy comes in many shapes and forms, but if you are prepared
much of the unnecessary stress can be avoided. When tragedy
strikes, you want to be focused on the important things in life,
your family and you. By advance planning you are able to do so.

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Free Home Based Business

Free Home Based Business
Copyright © Craig Warren

If you’re looking to make some extra cash but have little
business experience or little money, then starting an
online free home based business could be for you.

By beginning with a free home based business you’ll gain
the experience and the capital you will need to really take
your earnings to the next level. You will learn what works
and what doesn’t. The risk in a free home based business is
nothing – so you have nothing to lose!

Any one can be successful with a free home based business
but it does take time and lots of it. Having some funding
will speed the process up and a good strategy is to use
half of your profits towards paid advertising.

The following free home based business requires little
knowledge, no financial investment and provides a firm
foundation for the future. Here’s what you need to build
your own free home based business:

(a) Product
Find a free program with a wide range of products for your
free home based business. This way you will be able to
experiment with different markets to find the one, which
works, for you.

Choose a program, which has been around for more than 10
years. One with the largest possible number of affiliates
(or members) and with a step-by-step training program.

The program must provide no cost advertising pages for
your free home based business to use.

To start, select a product where you are paid to give
something away. As your skills grow, you can move to
selling more costly items from your free home based

(b) Advertising
There are a number of advertising options for a free
home based business. Traffic exchanges, free advertising
directories, blogs and forums are the most widely used.
You can also submit articles with your tinyurl.

(c) Page or URL Rotator
A URL rotator is a must for an online free home based
business. It will allow you to send all your advertising
to one place the rotator. It then shares all the incoming
hits amongst the products you have chosen advertise.

Having a rotator allows you to change products without
having to go back and change all the advertisements for
your free home based business.

There are many excellent free rotators on the web. A good
one will provide you information about the number of page
hits sent to each product and where the incoming hits came

(d) TinyURL
Most page rotators have quite long names. These can be off-
putting to prospective customers. So go to a site named
www.tinyurl.com. There you can type in a long name. It will
be shortened into something which works better with your
advertising campaigns (and protect your precious affiliate

Pulling it all together:

1. Load up the page rotator for your free home based business
with web pages of all the products you wish to sell. I suggest
starting with no more than three.

2. Then create a tinyurl for your page rotator.

3. Place advertisements in every directory you can find

4. Add your link to the bottom of your emails

5. Join every free traffic exchange you can

6. Write and submit an article per week with your tinyurl in
the bio line

7. Find a number of active forums and post helpful messages
making sure your tinyurl is included in your signature line.

8. Start you own free blog. Put a new entry in your blog at
least once per week. Make sure there are plenty of links to
your free home based business products from your blog. Always
announce your blog updates using the tool at www.pingomatic.com.

Your objective is to get as many links back to your page rotator
as you possibly can. The more people who see your links the more
traffic to your rotator and the more sales you will make.

There it is, the basis of a free home based business and the
start of your online empire.

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Writing Profitable Classified Ads

Writing Profitable Classified Ads
Copyright © Craig Warren

Everybody wants to make more money. In fact, most people
would like to hit upon something that makes them fabulously
rich! And seemingly, one of the easiest roads to the
fulfillment of these dreams of wealth is mail order or
within the professional circles of the business, direct
mail selling.

The only thing is, hardly anyone gives much real thought
to the basic ingredient of selling by mail – the writing
of profitable classified ads. If your mail order business
is to succeed, then you must acquire the expertise of
writing classified ads that sell your product or services!

Many advertisers think that writing classified ads is
completely different from writing longer print ads, which
contain a headline, body text and possibly a picture or
two. However, to write a successful classified ad, all the
time-honored elements of successful advertising must be

Large print ads include a headline to gather attention,
introductory body copy to inform and generate added interest,
additional body copy to create enthusiasm and desire to make
a purchase and a call to action that incites the reader to
take the steps necessary to start the purchasing process.

In advertising circles, these four features are often
designated by the acronym “A.I.D.A.,” which stands for:

Attention (headline)
Interest (body text)
Desire (added body text)
Action (call to action).

So what makes a classified ad good or bad? First of all, it
must appeal to the reader and as such, it must say exactly
what you want it to say. Secondly, it has to say what it says
in the least possible number of words in order to keep your
operating costs within your budget. And thirdly, it has to
produce the desired results whether inquiries or sales.

Grabbing the reader’s attention is your first objective.
You must assume the reader is scanning the page on which
your ad appears in the company of two or three hundred
classified ads. Therefore, there has to be something about
your ad that causes him to stop scanning and look at yours!
So, the first two or three words of your ad are of the utmost
importance and deserve your careful consideration. Most surveys
show that words or phrases that quickly involve the reader,
tend to be the best attention-grabbers. Such words as: FREE…

Whatever words you use as attention-grabbers, to start your ads,
you should bear in mind that they’ll be competing with similar
attention-grabbers of the other ads on the same page. Therefore,
in addition to your lead words, your ad must quickly go on to
promise or state further benefits to the reader. In other words,
your ad might read something like this: MAKE BIG MONEY! Easy
& Simple. We show you how!

In the language of professional copywriters, you’ve grabbed the
attention of your prospect and interested him with something
that even he can do.

The next rule of good classified copywriting has to do with the
arousal of the reader’s desire to get in on your offer. In a great
many instances, this rule is by-passed and it appears, this is the
real reason that an ad doesn’t pull according to the expectations
of the advertiser.

Think about it – you’ve got your reader’s attention, you’ve told
him it’s easy and simple and you’re about to ask him to do
something. Unless you take the time to further want your offer,
your ad is going to only half turn him on. He’ll compare your ad
with the others that have grabbed his attention and finally decide
upon the one that interests him the most.

What is being said is that here is the place for you to insert that
magic word “guaranteed” or some other such word or phrase. So now,
we’ve got an ad that reads: MAKE BIG MONEY! Easy & Simple. Guaranteed!

Now the reader is turned on, and in his mind, he can’t lose. You’re
ready to ask for his money. This is the “demand for action” part of
your ad. This is the part where you want to use such words as: Limited
time offer! Act now! Call today!

Generally speaking, readers respond more often to ads that include a
name than to those showing just initials or an address only. However,
because advertising costs are based upon the number of words, or the
amount of space your ad uses, the use of some names in classified ads
could become quite expensive. If we were to ask our ad respondents to
write to or send their money to The Research Writers & Publishers
Association, or to Book Business Mart, or even to Money Maker’s
Opportunity Digest, our advertising costs would be prohibitive. Thus
we shorten our name Researchers or Money-Makers. The point here is to
think relative to the placement costs of your ad, and to shorten
excessively long names.

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Home Business Success

Home Business Success
Copyright © Craig Warren

Your Home Business Success Starts With Your Passion

In whatever career you may find yourself in, there is no
such thing as “information overload.” Know as much as you
can, do what others do, and what the entire company does.
Equip yourself with a total knowledge of your work
environment, enough to make you feel like you own the
network. Who knows, you may someday.

Walking an extra mile, being organized at work, honesty,
trust-worthiness, dependability, being a team player,
loyalty, and resourcefulness are the must-be
characteristics of your passion.

Are you the type of worker who is always looking forward
to Monday morning? Or you are the type of worker whos
pleading and hoping that it will always be Friday the
other day? There are workers who are called TGIF workers?
What is TGIF? TGIF stands for Thank God Its Friday. TGIF
workers can’t wait for their minimum of 8 hours a day to
finish. If you classify yourself as a TGIF worker, then
you are certainly lacking something or missing something
important in your career life passion.

What does it take to be passionate in your job? There is
always that old maxim Do what you love the most. A passionate
worker always has the appetite to go to work every day. He or
she doesn’t mind if it’s Monday or Friday. He or she treats
everyday as an important day in his or her career life. What
do you think is the result of being a passionate in your
career life? When you are passionate in your job, you enjoy
it and even seek for more. There is always the idea in your
mind that you can always do better than that. You are not
satisfied to mediocre work. And it pays to be a passionate
worker not because you will be accelerated into higher
position nor you will be given extra compensation, but
because you can get things done in your work with a sense
of appreciation.

In your work as an entrepreneur at home, you got to have
extra passion. Why do you need it? You might be asking. Take
this for an instance; can you able to sit a little longer
whenever a meeting comes? Can you stay a little longer if
you’re transacting some business matters to a customer that
asks too many questions? In short, can you be patient enough
but maintaining the passion in you? You can be energetic
enough in your work but it demands greater than that. Still,
you need passion in your work.

So, what separates a passionate worker to a worker that only
minds work?

People who practice passion in their work always perform their
work at their best. They always strive for perfection in
everything. They see perfection as unattainable in most things.
But their eagerness drive them much nearer to it than those whose
laziness and despondency make them give it up as an imperfection.
Passionate workers put extra care in their work and they aren’t
satisfy for anything less.

At this point you might be asking either one or more of the
following questions:
1. Do I need passion even though my work is just a home business?
2. To whom will I use passion?
3. What will passion do for me? What is its impact in my performance?
4. How may I know my passion?

The last question on the list is very interesting. In one way or the
other, passion creates a difference in terms of performance between
a passionate worker and the other. What do you like the most? What
are your interests? What type of job do you enjoy the most? The
answers to these questions vary depending on the personality of a
worker. But whatever will it be, if you can answer the questions
then that will be your checklist on how you may know your passion.

Each worker has different passion. Ones passion is not the same with
the other. Your job as a home business representative takes a little
talking to different people. If you found that your passion is more
on communication, then you are really entitled for the home business.
If you like to deal with different people and enjoy front liners job,
you are really fitted for the home business.

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Your Home Business: Turning Pennies into Dollars

Your Home Business: Turning Pennies into Dollars
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Henry Ford taught us that to simplify the manufacture of
automobiles, that the best way to do so was to install the
assembly line. That one change revolutionized the auto
manufacturing industry permitting the industry to build cars at
a cost whereas the average person could afford to buy one.

The lesson we should take from this is that having the ability
to improve the process of getting the job quicker and cheaper,
without compromising the quality of the job being done, will
help catapult the person who simplified the process to the top
of his/her field.

Pennies saved in your home business can turn into dollars at the
end of the day, and dollars can quickly multiply into hundreds
or thousands of dollars over time.

Doubt me if you will, but let me ask you a question. Do you
think a saving of two fifths of a penny could make any real
difference in the profit margin of a home business? Of course
the right answer is “it depends on how many transactions are
done in a year, utilizing the savings of the two fifths of one

You only have to think back a couple of decades to really
appreciate this question. Do you remember the nut that lived and
died in a Las Vegas hotel room? You know the one who was a
billionaire, and was so worried about germs that he died of
starvation? If you guessed Howard Hughes (1905-76), pat yourself
on the back.

Now Howard did not make all of his money on his two fifths of
one penny. He did however make a ton of money from his two
fifths of one penny. It seems Howard owned a can manufacturing
company. And one day, Howard’s team figured out how they could
make one minor change in the design of their food can to reduce
the amount of tin necessary to make a single can.

As the story goes — if my memory serves me correctly — the
reduction in tin usage equaled a saving of two fifths of one
penny per can. Howard — being the really smart businessman
that he was — decided that he would not be so greedy as to
keep all of the savings for himself. What Mr. Hughes did do was
to keep half of the savings for himself, and give the other half
to his customers. The incredible thing about Mr. Hughes decision
is that by saving his customers an extra one fifths of one cent
per can, he managed to take more market share away from his
competition — netting his company an additional and
substantial portion of the total market share in the canning

Let us return our thoughts to your home business. Have you ever
gotten the feeling of excitement — when you read something or
thought of something — that you could not wait to implement
this new idea? This could be one of those moments…

In every home business, there are certain processes that we do
over and again. Sometimes it may be possible to trim the time or
expense of a process which in turn will add pennies or dollars
to your bottom line. If it is a process that you do hundreds or
thousands of times per month, then your savings will multiply
into hundreds or thousands of dollars in monthly savings.

Imagine what running a home business was like BEFORE the

Before the personal computer, we had to hand type all letters
and invoices. Now, we can setup a letter or invoice that we send
out quite often, and we can save it in our word processor so
that when we need to use it again, we can print it quickly and
efficiently. There is no longer a need to type the document
again from scratch.

The computer has simplified our business communications and has
provided us the opportunity to reduce our costs of doing

Think about all of the other processes that the computer has
enabled us to do for far less expense than what we could in the

In this case, the computer is a tool that permits us to save
time and money.

So, my challenge to you is to begin examining the processes in
your own home business and look for ways in which you can save
yourself time and money. It is far better for you to contemplate
on this matter than it is for me to do so for you. Simply put,
you know your business better than anyone on the planet does.
Therefore, you are in a better position than anyone to find
those extra dollars that will decrease your costs and increase
your profits.

The extra pennies and dollars you could extract from your
business could spell the difference between success and failure
for your home business enterprise.

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