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Drive Traffic to your Website

Drive Traffic to your Website
Copyright © Craig Warren

Highly targeted traffic is one of the most important
entities in the internet universe. Any website owner or
administrator recognizes the importance of driving traffic
to a website. The success of any website does not rely
entirely on the site itself. You may have a terrific idea
for a website, offer an excellent product or service, or
have an exceptionally designed site with superb content,
but if you do not use the right strategies to advertise,
your site would not attract the high traffic you need.
Attracting targeted traffic is a task that should be
taken seriously for any site to succeed or make a profit.
Fortunately, there are internet-marketing tools that help
the website marketer to drive traffic to his website. One
of the most significant, and effective, of these tools is
Google’s AdWords. AdWords is one of Google’s advertising

How does Google AdWords work? Google is the largest
search engine on the web receiving over 200 million
queries each day through its various services. As Google
is the most popular search engine today, webmasters are
keen on having their websites achieve a higher ranking in
the search engine results it provides. A high-ranking can
mean high traffic for that website. The search engine
results page is also a great venue for advertisers to
promote a product or service through ads and links.
Consequently, Google launched its AdWords service, as a
way for businesses to advertise products and services to
a targeted audience. Google AdWords can guarantee instant
traffic. In this service, Google displays relevant text
based ads within its search engine results page termed as
Sponsored Links. Whenever a particular keyword is
searched on, these relevant links appear in a separate
section giving excellent exposure to the sites listed.

How do you use Google AdWords? First, you have to open an
account with the Google AdWords Service. Then, you should
indicate your target language and country. This is
important because you would not want your products
advertised in countries where your product or service
cannot be sold. Afterwards, you should now create an ad
group. This involves designing the ad, selecting keywords
and determining maximum cost per click that you are
willing to spend and defining bid amounts. The most
important step in creating a successful AdWords campaign
is selecting an effective title tag that will catch the
attention of your target audience. The title tag, generally
a short phrase, is the most important part of your AdWords
campaign so make sure that it is attractive and catchy. You
should describe the website clearly and accurately. The most
effective advertising conveys a clear message to the target
audience. With a clear message, you will be attracting
qualified leads, which can eventually convert to sale. Thus,
the importance of selecting the right keywords cannot be

There are keyword variations you can adapt to reach more
prospects. Using these varieties, misspellings and
derivatives can help increase the chance of your ads being
served. Broad match is targeting keywords in a loosely
defined manner. Here, the ads appear based on the keywords
that have been queried by other users as opposed to exact
match, which calls for the keyword to match the query
exactly. Meanwhile, a keyword phrase set to phrase match
will only appear when the exact phrase is searched on. A
negative keyword is helpful in filtering unrelated pages.

After you have decided on what title tag to use in your
ad, you must now define a budget in order to maximize
exposure. Google AdWords recommend a daily budget for each
campaign. However, you should determine a budget that is
suitable and affordable. You should also determine the
maximum cost per click. Google will offer a recommended
cost per click, but you do not have to stick with this.
Usually, a number one position is not ideal as it can also
attract unwanted traffic and useless clicks. A number two
position is more preferred as it can filter useless clicks
and provide traffic with a higher conversion rate.

To conclude, Google AdWords is an excellent strategy and
tool in giving your site maximum exposure. Nevertheless,
Google AdWords should not be your sole advertising
campaign. It will definitely help you find the all
important, highly targeted traffic you need.

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Mini Affiliate Sites: Huge Profit Potential

Mini Affiliate Sites: Huge Profit Potential
Copyright © Craig Warren

Why would you want to create a mini affiliate site in the
first place? Well, it sets you apart from the crowd. If
you’re promoting a product via an affiliate program, then
you’re using the same promotion material that the program
offers, your ads will look EXACTLY like everyone else,
whose promoting the same product.

So, if your potential buyers have seen the ad already via
other affiliates and they didn’t buy then, why would they
buy from you instead?

Having your own mini affiliate site offers you huge benefits
over those other affiliates who do not have their own site.

The first, and probably most important benefit is that you
control the content that appears on your own website.
Rather than relying on the product sellers marketing material,
you can create a content driven, interactive site that gets
people talking about the product and keeping their interest.
You could add things like discussion boards or forums, surveys
and polls and write your own content surrounding the product

Secondly, you control how you promote your site. You could
use pay-per-click campaigns such as Google AdWords.
Some affiliate program owners will restrict you on trademarked
terms but outside of that, you have control.

You could write articles based on the topic of your affiliate
product. Post these up on your site to keep your visitors
there and also distribute them around the internet to build
exposure and publicity.

Another great bonus is that, while your visitors are at your
site, you have the option of collecting their contact details
so that you can follow-up with them. Having your own
opt-in list is absolutely essential if you are to maintain
a healthy online income through affiliate programs.

Creating your mini affiliate site is not necessarily a
difficult task, but there are no guarantees that you will
succeed either. You will need to work at making your
offers so appealing that your visitors just have to make
that purchase.

The reason you would create a mini affiliate site is to make
your offer look more appealing than all the other affiliates
promoting the same thing. In effect, you are disguising the
offer by presenting it in a way that is more appealing to
your potential buyers. By doing so, you are more likely to
get the order than the next hopeful affiliate.

A great way to help you succeed along the way, is to make
the offer your own. By that, I mean offer something that
makes your presentation unique. So, your prospects
have probably seen the standard affiliate material for your
product dozens of times already. They weren’t impressed
as they haven’t bought the product yet. All the other
affiliates are in the same boat because they’re all using
the same marketing copy.

Your mini affiliate site however, looks different because
you have written your own content surrounding the product
and have given those prospects something new and fresh to
look at. The next step is to add more to the offer. Give
them a special bonus that they can’t get elsewhere to entice
them into buying. So now, not only does your offer look
different, it actually IS different. So, even if they were
on the brink of buying from one of your competing affiliates,
they probably won’t now because they want that extra bonus.

Building your web site and getting it all ready is now so easy.
Much easier than it has ever been before. Domain names are
ridiculously low and hosting can be obtained free. This means
that although you are spending money on creating your site,
the outlay is so low that the increase in commission from
your affiliate product will far outweigh the costs.

The absolute best way to start getting targeted traffic to your
site is to use pay-per-click campaigns. You can practically pick
which people you want to visit your site by selecting your
keywords carefully and managing your campaigns rigidly. It also
means that you can start getting traffic almost immediately.

There are more resources available for managing your pay-per-click
campaigns, so I would suggest doing some research. If your campaigns
are not setup properly or are not targeted enough or even if they
are targeting keywords that are too popular, your advertising budget
could disappear very quickly. Be warned and be careful.

You need to be aware of your conversion ratios, so you need to track
your visitors and hits and monitor your sales via the affiliate
program as often as possible. Once you know what your conversion
ratios are, you will be in a better position to work out how much you
can spend per click to make a healthy profit. Once you have the
balance right, you can practically set it and forget it and let
the money roll in!

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Using An Ad Tracker Is Key

Using An Ad Tracker Is Key
Copyright © Craig Warren

Using An Ad tracker Is Key To The Affiliate Marketer

There’s a lot of money in affiliate marketing. This is true
however, only to those are seriously and zealously working
on his affiliate program. Success in affiliate marketing
varies in every individual affiliate and for the most part,
it depends on his will and perseverance. No matter how
good an affiliate program is, it will not prosper if the
affiliate marketer does not pay the price of hard work. One
must exert extra effort especially on the aspect of promotion.
Nothing will happen if the links or banners would just lie idle
in a web page, an affiliate must be able to convince the visitor
to click it and proceed to the business site to buy the products.
No click-through means no income for an affiliate marketer.

You can actually generate a full-time income by means of
affiliate marketing and you can do it at home and yes, even
while you sleep. You must have a good web site to begin
with. It must have good promotional and informative contents,
pleasing design, inviting banner ads and all other important
elements in an affiliate marketers web site. It would be
great if you have exhausted other means of advertising
such as newsletters, email marketing, message boards
and ad listings such as Google AdWords. You just have to go
online once in a while to check your site and update it
and to watch over the development of your marketing program.
Does this sound so easy? It can be this easy if you have
planned your affiliate program well and have taken all the
steps towards success carefully and diligently. Now, there’s a
tool you can use to help you go through the program with ease
and confidence, the Ad Tracker. For many experienced and
successful affiliate marketers, the Ad Tracker is a key to
a successful affiliate marketing program.

What precisely is an ad tracker? It is a marketing tracking
software or program that allows you to trace and take note of
every click-through made by visitors of your site and by other
customers who got your referral link. There is ad tracking
service providers as well, so you will just have to pay them
to do the tracking for you. With the ad tracker, you can keep
an eye on the progress of your marketing campaigns even
offline. This tool or program is especially helpful if you are
engaged in several affiliate and pay-per-click programs and
have placed ads in emails, pop-ups and pop-unders, message
boards, auto responders, Ezines, forums, several websites,
surveys and various ad service providers.

Of course, you don’t want all your efforts to be put to waste so
you want to make sure you are getting paid for your hard work.
Likewise, you want to make sure every dollar or cent you
disperse in your advertising campaigns is wisely spent. With
the help of the ad tracker, you will know accurately how many
and which of your links were clicked on, how many clicked on
your links, how many of your emails were opened and how many
of those who opened your email clicked through the business
site and purchased a product, how many products were
purchased, which of your banner ads or links brought the most
leads and sales and many other pertinent facts and figures you

Sales records and all data stated are necessary in any business
as this could determine if your affiliate program is still worth
continuing. This would also help you determine which of your
marketing strategies is most effective and which is most
beneficial for each product or service you are promoting.

Every decision and plan you make must be well grounded on facts.
That decision or plan of action may not be the best, but it is
something not to regret about when you had valid reasons for coming
up with such decision or plan. You cannot just decide to terminate
your affiliate program, just because you don’t earn big in an instant.

If you are serious with affiliate marketing, again and again, keep
in mind that your success lies mainly on promotion and your hard
work. If you don’t seem lucky enough to convince many of your site
users to buy the products, don’t be disheartened and jump into a
conclusion that your affiliate program is a failure. If it works
for others, it could work for you, to. Know whether your
advertising techniques are effective or not, which works best for
your program and which doesn’t. Get an ad tracker to help you
know all these and you’d surely be on the right track towards

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing
Copyright © Craig Warren

Affiliate marketing has many descriptions, yet all have
the same meaning. Affiliate marketing is a huge business
piece on the Internet. It is a cooperative effort between
merchants and an affiliates website. For many years now,
affiliate marketing has proved to be a cost-efficient,
measurable method of delivering long-tern results. It has
become famous for Internet sites who are trying to make
some extra or additional income for their site. Every day,
people get interested to affiliate marketing and want to
make money out of it. But in many cases, these new
affiliates do not fully understand the affiliate world
and make costly mistakes. In other words, affiliate
marketing has often been misunderstood.

One of the common misconceptions that are being
associated about affiliate marketing is selling, though
selling is an important activity of affiliate marketing
and the central function of a business operation.
Another is that affiliate marketing is commonly linked
with advertising. While the importance of advertising in
marketing a certain product is not to be underestimated,
the fact of the matter is, advertising like selling, is
merely a part of the many functions of marketing.

In affiliate marketing, an affiliate is compensated for every
visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through his
efforts. The said compensation may be made based on a
certain value for each visit. The most attractive aspect of
affiliate marketing from the merchants viewpoint is that no
payment is due to an affiliate until results are appreciated.

Affiliate marketing is typically being run by affiliate
networks and this affiliate networks are composed of two
functional bodies, the group affiliates and the group
merchants. Each has their special function and role when
it comes to affiliate marketing. The affiliate network
acts as a third-party between the merchant and the
associated affiliates. The network provides the technology
to deliver the merchants campaigns and offers. The affiliate
network also collects commission fees from the merchant
and then pays the affiliates which are part of the program.

The merchant is any web site owner that wants or desires to
take advantage of performance based marketing. The benefits
to the merchant are many. First, the merchant maintains and
operates the affiliate program. If it would be extracted,
the merchant needs to do their part by researching interested
affiliate websites to ensure that they are a good fit for that
particular website. Finding a fit for their merchandise would
be the key to more generated income. The merchant has
access to markets and customers without him spending
valuable time searching out. Banner ads on affiliate sites are
not distracting to the site user. It might produce interest for
that product and drive the consumer to the merchants website.
It is also the merchant who decides how much he is willing to
pay for each sale that results from a visitor sent from an

The affiliate or the affiliate marketer also sees a lot of
benefits. The affiliate is a web site owner that promotes one or
more merchants and their affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing
can generate a full-time income for the affiliate. But this is
not an easy task to accomplish. The affiliate needs to have a
better understanding with the merchant what the commission
will be, expected payment method and time involved in the
contract. The affiliate has also the responsibility to stand for
the merchandise their user based would be most interested in.
For example, if the site has a user base of mainly stay-at-home
mothers, then on-line job openings such as surveys would be a
good match for them. This group would also appreciate direct
links to children’s products and informational sites.
Merchandisers often provide targeted, best-seller items and
personal support to their affiliate. They often offer sales
promotions that will benefit the merchandiser as well as the

Affiliate marketing is a great situation for both the marketer
and the affiliate. If they would work together, they can be an
advantage to both. Plus the fact that it seems to make sense,
it is easy and inexpensive way to start and you can be up and
running within a few days. But there is one thing to consider,
it is how to get traffic and make your offer different from all

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