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Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Going

Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Going
Written by Craig Warren

Writing an article doesn’t just mean putting down
thoughts into words then typing and writing it. You have
to capture the interest of your readers and get them to
keep on reading. To send your message across you have to
get the attention of the reader and have a firm grasp of
their interest and pique their curiosity.

The main ingredient in baking up an article is a large
dose of creativity. While creativity may come natural to
many people, some just gets into a block or something to
that effect that can drive someone crazy. Many writers
have literally torn their hair out when they get writers
block and just can’t seem to get their creative juices

Putting words into images in the readers mind is an art.
A clear and crisp depiction requires a certain flair that
only creativity can provide. Similes and metaphors help a
lot, but the way an article gets entwined word for word,
sentence by sentence then paragraph by paragraph into a
whole article develops the essence of the article.

So just what do you have to do when nothing comes to
mind? There is no surefire ways to get the perfect ideas
but there are easy ways to get your creative juices
flowing. No one can guarantee you of having the perfect
mindset but many methods may aid you in achieving that
state of mind. Here are six easy ways for that.

Keep a Diary or a Journal With You Always

Ideas can be triggered by anything you may hear, see, or
smell. Your senses are your radar in finding great ideas.
Write all of them into a journal and keep it with you for
future reference. You may also write down anything that
you have read or heard, someone’s ideas could be used to
develop your own ideas and this is not stealing. Remember
that ideas and creativity can come from anywhere. It’s
the development of the idea that makes it unique.

Relax and Take Time To Sort Things Out

A jumbled mind cannot create any space for new ideas.
Everyone must have a clear mind if one wishes to have
their creativity in full speed. Get rid of all obstacles
that can be a hindrance to your creativity. If you are
bothered by something, you cannot force your mind to stay

Try to relax every time that you can and think about your
experiences and interactions with others. Your
experiences are what shape your mindset and your opinions
which could be reflected on your writings. Try to
discover yourself, find out what triggers your emotions.
Discover what inspires you and what ticks you off. You
can use these emotions to help you in expressing yourself
and your ideas, with this you can grow creatively.

Create a Working Place That Can Inspire Your Creativeness

Your working place can be quite a hindrance if it doesn’t
make you feel happy or relaxed. Creativity comes from
being in a good state of mind and a messed up workplace
that causes distraction won’t be conducive in firing up
your creative flow.

Surround Your Working Place With Objects That Makes You
Happy and Relaxed

You may put up pictures, scents, objects that inspire, or
anything that can get your creativeness cranking. A clean
and well organized workplace also rids of distractions
and unwanted hindrances. With a good working place, you
can work in peace and never notice the time pass by.

Set The Mood

Setting the mood requires you to just go with the moment
or to induce yourself to feeling what makes your mind
works best. Finding out what makes you tick could help
you find ways to get your creative juices flowing. Set
the pace and tempo for your mood and everything else
will follow.

There are many ways to set the mood. Some writers have
been known to use alcohol, a little sip of wine to stir
up the imagination. Some would like some mood music while
others let the lighting of the environment create the

Go On a Getaway and Just Do Something Unlike Crazy

Letting yourself go and have fun produces adrenaline that
can make your imagination go wild. Take an adventure or a
solemn hike. Whatever it is that is unusual from your
daily routine can take the rut out of your schedule. In
no time at all, your creativeness will make use of that
experience and get your imagination to go on overdrive.

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