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Use The Search Engines To Get Visitors

Use The Search Engines To Get Visitors
Copyright © Craig Warren

To get good web traffic, you need to submit your website
to the search engines. However, this alone will not
guarantee that your site will receive a good steady flow
of visitors. You really must work to get your website
recognized. It is best to focus your efforts on the
important search engines rather than chasing traffic
from all search engines.

If the web search engines do not have your site indexed,
then it might as well not exist. You will probably get
some traffic through referrals, but this will not be
enough to guarantee the success of your site. You cannot
afford to put all your time and effort into making the
perfect site. No matter how much effort you put into
getting your site just right, including that flashy flash
intro and the extensive links page complete with animated
gifs, without traffic your time has been wasted.

You will need to ensure you allocate some time to
promoting your site. The first search engine you need to
focus on is Google. There are a great many search engines
on the web but the reality today is it comes down to just
one, Google. It is the most popular search engine on the
net and provides the most search results. Therefore, you
need to ensure that your site is listed on Google.

Of course, Yahoo is important to. Once you are listed in
Google, you then focus on getting listed on Yahoo. If you
can get a good high rating in these two web search
engines, you will most probably receive good volumes of
traffic to your site. The third search engine I would
consider is MSN Search. None of the other free web search
engines have the ability to provide you with the volume of
visitors that these three can. Therefore, there is no need
to put time into ensuring your site is indexed with them or
ranks well.

The best way to ensure that your website gets a lot of
traffic is to have a high search engine rank, especially
in Google. When your website has a high search engine
rank, it will appear within the first few pages of
results returned by Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others.
This can make a significant difference to the number of
visitors that go to your website.

Just think about the way you conduct your own searches.
When you enter a term into Google, you probably click
most of the links on the first page of results, and a
few on the second page. Do you ever make it as far as
page seven or page 10? It’s not likely. So you can see
why a good search engine rank is critical to the success
of your business.

Websites that have a high search engine rank have a
couple of characteristics in common. First, they feature
pages and pages of relevant content. This means if you’re
selling accounting services, you should have a lot of
articles about accounting, taxes and bookkeeping. When
you do this, your website will naturally contain numerous
keywords that people searching for accounting services
would enter into Google, Yahoo and so on.

The more keywords you have, the better your search engine
rank. Another characteristic of successful websites is
the number of links they have to and from other sites.
When other websites link to yours and when you link to
others, it makes your website appear more important,
relevant and legitimate. This results in a higher search
engine rank.

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that
only fantastic marketers are able to achieve a high
search engine rank for their websites. That’s not
entirely true. Since a good search engine rank is so
critical to web-based businesses these days, there are a
lot of companies that specialize in getting you the best
placement possible. They can provide you with original,
targeted content for your site, give you tips on how to
effectively market your site and submit your URL to
Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines for consideration.
If they do their job the right way, you’ll have a prime
search engine rank within a few months.

The importance of a high search engine rank shouldn’t be
underestimated. Before you start selling on the internet,
you should consider hiring professionals to help you
quickly achieve good placement for your website. The
difference between appearing on the first page or the
tenth could literally amount to tens of thousands of
dollars, so do what you have to in order to get a high
search engine rank as soon as possible.

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Impossible is Just a Word

Impossible is Just a Word
Copyright © Craig Warren

Everyone, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed
of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn’t
fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning
homer? Who hasn’t dreamed of being the homecoming queen?
And how many times have we dreamed of being rich, or
successful, or happy with our relationships?

Often, we dream big dreams and have great aspirations.
Unfortunately, our dreams remain just that dreams. And
our aspirations easily collect dust in our attic.

This is a sad turn of events in our life. Instead of
experiencing exciting adventures in self actualization,
we get caught up in the humdrum of living from day-to-day
just barely existing. But you know what? Life could be so
much better, if only we learned to aim higher.

The most common problem to setting goals is the word
impossible. Most people get hung up thinking I can’t do
this. It’s too hard. It’s too impossible. No one can do

However, if everyone thought that, there would be no
inventions, no innovations and no breakthroughs in human

Remember that scientists were baffled when they took a
look at the humble bumblebee. Theoretically, they said,
it was impossible for the bumblebee to fly. Unfortunately
for the bumblebee no one has told it so. So fly it does.

On the other hand, some people suffer from dreaming
totally outrageous dreams and not acting on them. The
result? Broken dreams and shattered aspirations.

If you limit yourself with self-doubt, and self-limiting
assumptions, you will never be able to break past what
you deem impossible. If you reach too far out into the
sky without working towards your goal, you will find
yourself clinging on to the impossible dream.

Try this exercise. Take a piece of paper and write down
some goals in your life. Under one header, list down
things you know you can do. Under another header, write
the things you might be able to do. And under one more,
list the things that are impossible for you to do.

Now look at all the headers strive every day to
accomplish the goals that are under things you know you
can do. Check them when you are able to accomplish them.
As you slowly are able to check all of your goals under
that heading, try accomplishing the goals under the other
header, the one that reads you might be able to do.

As of the items you wrote under things I could do are
accomplished, you can move the goals that are under
things that are impossible for you to do to the list of
things you might be able to do.

As you integrate through this process, you will find out
that the goals you thought were impossible become easier
to accomplish. And the impossible begin to seem possible
after all.

You see, the technique here is not to limit your
imagination. It is to aim high and start working towards
that goal little by little. However, it also is unwise to
set a goal that is truly unrealistic.

Those who just dream towards a goal without working hard
end up disappointed and disillusioned.

On the other hand, if you told someone a hundred years
ago that it was possible for man to be on the moon, they
would laugh at you. If you had told them that you could
send mail from here to the other side of the world in a
few seconds, they would say you were out of your mind.
But, through sheer desire and perseverance, these
impossible dreams are now realities.

Thomas Edison once said that genius is 1% inspiration
and 99% perspiration. Nothing could be truer. For one to
accomplish his or her dreams, there has to be had work
and discipline. But take note that 1% has to be a
think-big dream and not some easily accomplished one.

Ask any gym rat and he or she will tell you that there
can be no gains unless you are put out of your comfort
zone. Remember the saying, No pain, no gain? That is as
true as it can be.

So dream on, friend! Don’t get caught up with your
perceived limitations. Think big and work hard to attain
those dreams. As you step up the ladder of progress, you
will just about find out that the impossible has just
become a little bit more possible.

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What to Look for in a SEO Company

What to Look for in a SEO Company
Copyright © Craig Warren

The search engine has laid down its rights to be depicted
as one of the basics of the Internet. It has consolidated
its power in terms of aiding surfers do their internet
related activities. It has been found out that 9/10
internet users utilize search engines to be able to look
for the information that they need.

The search engine optimization has become a full-time
sunshine industry. Many companies have been established
to do search engine optimization related jobs. There is
a great demand for these kinds of services because
search engine optimization has a long learning curve and
will take much time from people who would want to do this

As we all know, there are a lot of hoaxes and scams out
there on the internet. It seems that as the internet
grows more and more complex, so do the scammers. In
hiring the services of a SEO company, there are many
factors that one should consider, given the fact that
this endeavor will cost money and can make or break the

This article tries to give tips on how to choose a SEO
company to hire. Here are some of them:

* Assess the service of the SEO company

As with any other company-seeking endeavors, service is
always the key dimension that one should look at. There
are many ways of pre-assessing the service of a SEO
company towards it customers. One can try to inquire by
placing a call or by sending an email to the company.
Depending on the courtesy and time of response of the
company, one can initially assess its service.

* Search engine optimization takes time

In hiring the services of a SEO company, one should
always take into mind that search engine optimization
takes time. If a company promises to deliver unreasonably
fast results, they are probably making a fool out of you.
Search engine optimization requires research and research
requires time.

The normal SEO process takes around a month or so. No
effective SEO efforts can be done in a week or two.

* No guarantee

There are many factors to consider when optimizing search
engine hits. Search engines use different algorithms and
their spiders can vary. A SEO company which promises to
make a website number 1 in search engine listing may be
pulling the legs of its customers. A legitimate SEO
company will be straight-forward and honest and will tell
its clients that no single company can give a guarantee
to the top spots in search engines. Remember that search
engine optimization is not a comprehensive and exact
science. It is more or a trial and error game than hard

* Reports

A good SEO company will be able to tell its clients
details regarding the standing of their websites. They
will be able to track the developments of their clients
websites in terms of their keywords, links and more
importantly, their rankings in the major search engines.

* Testimonials

A testimonial is the most powerful tool in proving a
company’s worth. A satisfied customer is always a good
indication of the effectiveness of a company’s operations
and will always be the most credible piece of information
about its integrity. If one can, he should find people
who have garnered benefits from hiring a SEO company or
at least try to validate the testimonials which are
claimed by the SEO companies that he is choosing from.

* Price

The price of the services of an SEO company should never
be the main factor to consider when hiring it. Yes, it is
important to consider the costs but one should look into
the whole picture. A higher price will not necessarily
mean that the company is better than the cheaper ones.
One should also avoid companies which offer unreasonably
low prices. Again, search engine optimization is no joke
and one should expect to spend to be able to get results.

* Other commitments

Make sure that the SEO company is primarily involved in
search engine optimization and does not treat it as a
sideline. SEO takes effort and dedication. A paying
customer deserves to get results and his demands should
not be put on the side lines.

One should be careful in hiring a SEO company because he
will be spending much important money for its services.
Also, if one hires an inefficient SEO company, he will be
losing time and a lot of opportunities. Take in mind the
basic tips above about selecting a SEO company and choose
the best one which suits your needs.

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The Get Rich Quick Mentality

The Get Rich Quick Mentality
Copyright © Craig Warren

Building any kind of business takes time, money, energy
and focus. Obviously some businesses take more or less
of each ingredient. Internet businesses are no different
than a traditional brick and mortar business, except for
the fact that they can cost substantially less to get
started. That’s why they are so attractive to a lot of

For some reason however, the internet is fill with get
rich quick schemes and scams and all though many are not
schemes or scams, they just don’t work. With that said,
there is a whole segment of internet entrepreneurs that
want to make as much money as they can as fast as they

As if you haven’t noticed, the get rich quick mentality
is rampant on the net and it’s getting worse everyday.
There is a vicious cycle that just seems to perpetuate
itself and I’m not sure which came first, the hucksters
or the prospectors. In other words, the people selling
get rich quick or the people searching for it. It seems
as though there are opportunity seekers out there who
are asking to be scammed.

What has perpetuated this kind of thinking is a lack of
vision in the internet business person. It doesn’t matter
what kind of business you are involved in, you have to
take the time to do the necessary work to make your
business successful. Sure, lots of people are able to
make decent sums of money rather quickly on the net, but
these kinds of businesses won’t last. In a few months,
many of the people who are getting rich quick today,
will be on to something else because they were only able
to make money for a limited amount of time with their
latest deal.

Wouldn’t you rather have a business that you can build
on, that you can make grow and that will last for a long
time and produce income for years for you and your family
instead of having to rebuild your income every year? This
is the most important point I am going to make in this
article. You absolutely must take the time to build your
business correctly on the net or you will never make a
substantial amount of money for the log run.

The opportunities on the net are limitless and more and
more people are shopping online every year. However, you
can’t just throw up a few pages of meaningless content
and expect to get ranked at the search engines and start
making gobs of money, even though there is lots to be

Anyone with a brick and mortar business will tell you
that they usually don’t make any money for the first 2 to
5 years in their business. So how does this time-table
translate for an internet business?

Some people think they are going to put up a web site or
blog and start making money in a month or a few weeks.
I’m sorry to tell you, that just isn’t going to happen.
Depending on the kind of business you are focusing on
expect to put in 6 months to 1 year of seriously hard
work before you see any substantial results in your

Also, you need to become a student of your business and
internet marketing in general to make sure your business

There are people who want to be in business for
themselves on the net but somewhere they get the idea
that all the information they need to get started should
be free. They are afraid to spend a dime to learn the
correct way to build a web business or they want someone
to do all the work for them by giving them unlimited free

You will have a profitable net business only if you
invest in it with your time, money for the necessary
tools, work and education. There are thousands of get
rich quick deals out there clogging up search engines
waiting to take people’s money. Do yourself and the rest
of us a favor, don’t add another one to the mix. Start a
real business on the net, instead of just trying to get
rich quick.

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Enhance Your Website Position

Enhance Your Website Position
Copyright © Craig Warren

Most of the people looking for products and services on
the net, hunt for websites via major search engines such
as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Optimizing your website for
higher search engine positioning is to allure mass to
drive towards your website that is the likely to be your
prospective buyer. To generate considerable traffic to
your website it requires higher positioning in initial
pages of search engines.

Here, I have given some key tips to dip you in the
technical aspects available on the net to assist how to
optimize your website.

The Title

Whatever text you put in the title, will be reviewed in
the reverse bar of the browser when people view the web
page. So place suitable title according to your business
and products.

Description Meta Tag

Major search engines that support Meta tags will usually
depict the description tag with the title in the results.
Search engines many times hold the entire Meta tag of the
description field. The webmasters should keep in mind
that the description tags must be short to grab the
attention of a user.


You should research deeply before finalizing keywords, as
it is the most important factor in website optimization.
Each keywords weight, rate, size, status and proximity all
have an effect on the ranking. You should optimize all
these key factors cautiously. Examining the top ten
ranking websites content and ranking factors will assist
you to optimize your website.


The content of your website should be informative that
provides people come to acknowledged about new things or
be interested in. This will result revisiting of the mass
at your website. Try to make your content keywords rich to
drive search engines to pick up your site. Use appropriate
keywords according to your business or services you offer.

Create Website Sitemap

Make complete site map of your website, contain all the
links of main pages of your website. So the search engine
robots could explore your entire website.

Publish Articles and Newsletter/Press Releases

Writing and publishing is one of the best ways of
marketing your website on internet. It helps to generate
substantial traffic to your website. You can submit
articles to e-zines, article directories, web sites and
magazines that offer article submissions. Don’t forget to
include your business information and contact address at
the bottom of the article. Use keyword article submission
in your search.

Post Ads

You can place your ads on free advertising and classified
ad sites, free links sites, newsgroups, which offers ads


The most effectual method to make your pages important
for the search engine crawlers, creating links to other
sites with yours. It makes your website worthwhile for
the search engines. The more links at your website the
more significant website is considered, and will be
rewarded with higher page ranks.

However, not all links are considered valuable by the
search engines. The search engine will consider links
more valuable if they are from sites that are having
higher page ranks and also offers similar area of
interest as yours.Use keyword free link exchange in
your search.

Submit Website to search Engines

After optimizing your website, its time to submit it to
all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc,
after all for this only you have optimized your website.
There are many websites that provide manual free
submission to almost all the main search engine. Use
keyword website submission in your search.

Submit to the directories

Search engines and directories are different. Do not mix
them. Be very careful while submitting your website to a
directory. Read the directory’s submission directions
with full presence of mind. You can submit to directories
like DMOZ and also paid directories like Yahoo. Use web
directory submission in search.

Regular Inspection of Your Website

Once you achieve targeted page ranks and positions in
search engine, don’t become lousy. After all it’s not
forever. You should keep an eye on your contenders
activities. If you are not satisfied with search engine
ranking results, you should optimize your website more
to attain higher search engines ranking position.

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Search Engine Friendly Sites

Search Engine Friendly Sites
Copyright © Craig Warren

If you have ever tried to promote your business or
product via the Internet, you know the importance of
search engines in determining your success. Search engine
friendly sites are a must if you wish to make your online
presence known. The majority of people searching for
products or information online do so via one of the major
search engines. In order for someone to locate your
business, it has to have a good spot in the rankings. Your
website may be professionally designed but if customers
cannot locate it, it really does you little good. Past
studies have shown that people searching for information
online rarely look past the third page of results. This is
why search engine optimization is so important.

One important tip to remember when designing search
engine friendly sites is that you need to concentrate on
each individual page. Companies such as Google will not
rate your website as a whole, but instead will rank each
individual page. This is valuable information to remember
when writing your content. Although there is no set limit
for the number of words per page, most SEO experts
recommend that you include at least four-hundred words per
page in order to receive good search engine recognition.
Any amount written beyond this is generally fine but you
want to make sure you have at least enough text to fill a
good portion of the page. Websites that contain little
content and a great deal of advertising are generally
frowned upon.

Another relevant factor of search engine friendly sites
is the content itself. Although obtaining a good ranking
is important, your content should be well written and
make sense to the visitors who will read it. Don’t
concentrate solely on stuffing the right mix of keywords
into your article. It is just as important that your
content sounds natural and flows easily. A good trick for
writing online content is to break the article up into
smaller paragraphs. This is much easier for online
readers to absorb. Also, be sure to include proper
headings so visitors can easily locate whatever
information they are looking for. The use of bullets will
make lists stand out and catch the reader’s eye. Writing
content for online purposes is much different from
writing a novel or newspaper article. Try to break the
content down into small bits for easier reading.

Incoming, outgoing and reciprocal links can all help in
achieving search engine friendly sites. Although content
is very important, you will also receive credit for the
number of links to your site. A high number of incoming
links is extremely helpful to your rating. A good way to
improve your link numbers is through the use of
reciprocal linking. First you will need to include links
from your site to other websites that are either related
to or in some way complement your business. Be sure to
choose sites that are of high quality and well written.
After including a link to your chosen site, you then send
an email or letter to the site owner asking them if they
would consider including a link in return back to your

This technique known as reciprocal linking provides
advertising for both websites and improves the link
rating of each site too. When trying to increase the
number of links to your website, you should keep in mind
that this will take a great deal of time and effort. You
can not expect to get dozens of new links from quality
websites within a weeks time. Most business owners are
very selective in which sites they choose to link to.
Give them plenty of time to consider your website before
making a decision.

Lastly, when designing search engine friendly sites there
are certain practices you definitely will want to avoid.
While keywords are important, you don’t want to include
them to often. Be sure to check your keyword density to
make sure it is within an acceptable range. The search
engines will also penalize your site if you include
hidden text in an attempt to boost your ratings. When
choosing a title and description for each page, make sure
it is actually relevant to the content on your site.

For example, if you have a website that sells weight loss
products, it is considered inappropriate to include meta
keywords related to gambling. Make sure you honestly
describe your business and the products you offer. By
doing so you will not mislead customers looking for
information unrelated to what your site offers. Honestly
is the best policy when promoting your website. Not only
will it make your business look more professional
but it can also help to gain a customers trust.

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The Biggest Mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes
Copyright © Craig Warren

When you’re starting a home business, it’s all too easy
to make mistakes after all, you’ve never done this
before. Fortunately for you though, you can learn from
others errors, by making sure you don’t do any of these

Thinking Skills You Don’t Have Aren’t Important.

So you have no idea how to keep records and accounts, or
you don’t know how to maintain a mailing list. You need
to learn these things! Too many home business owners just
do the things that they know how to do, and assume that
they can probably get by without everything else.

You need to realize that when you’re running a home
business, you’re going to need to do as much as you can
for yourself, especially when you’re starting out. This
means that you can’t get by if your business skills are
lacking. I always say that everyone who is thinking of
starting a business should take an inexpensive and quick
local business course, and I stand by it even if you
think you’ll be fine, it can’t hurt, can it?

Not Managing Your Time.

When you’re used to working nine to five, an easy trap
to fall into is not managing your time effectively. Your
home is full of distractions, and there won’t be anyone
there to tell you to get on with it. If you’re prone to
daydreaming or procrastinating then this can be
disastrous. Whole days can go by with only tiny amounts
of work getting done.

You need to be sure that you have a schedule and you
stick to it. Draw a clear line between work and non-work
time and don’t cross the line in either direction. Apart
from that, the word to remember is prioritize. Appreciate
that you won’t always be able to do everything but make
sure you get at least the important things done.

Making Clients Think You’re a Joke.

There are many home businesses where clients might need
to visit your home but make sure it’s fit for visiting!
You can’t lead them into a messy office, or be holding
your dog back from barking at them when you first meet.
Remember that professionalism is important, and it’s too
easy to end up looking silly if you don’t plan how you’re
going to make a good impression when you invite people to
your home.

If you can’t afford a business annex to your house,
then consider hiring someone to look after your dog or
children for a few hours while you have a business
meeting there. It might also be worth paying a cleaner to
give the place a quick once-over, if you haven’t had time
to clean up for a while.

Not Specializing

Too many home businesses, when asked who their target
market is, say well everyone, silly. Your target market
is never everyone — if it is, you will fail. You can’t
just choose an industry and advertise your new-found
profession to everyone, in the hope that someone will
work out that the fact you’re an electrician means maybe
they should ask you about re-wiring their house.

The key to success is this, think about what you can do,
and then market that to people who will want it.
Advertise in places where these people are. If your
business has no target market, then you have no business,

Making Start-Up Costs Too High.

Finally, too many people over-estimate how much money
it’s going to take to start a home business. Do you
really buy all brand-new equipment? If you’re spending
thousands of dollars before you’ve made any sales at all,
you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Start your business on a shoestring, work hard, and
expand gradually otherwise you’re setting yourself up
for a big fall. However much you might think you ought
to do things properly, you need to make sure that
you’re minimizing costs and maximizing profit every step
of the way, otherwise you’re failing yourself as a home
business owner. It’s when you start to get some bigger
clients and better cash-flow that you can start paying a
little extra to make your business life more comfortable.

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The Power of Real Concentration

The Power of Real Concentration
Copyright © Craig Warren

Did you ever stop to think what an important part your
thoughts, I mean real concentrated thoughts, play in
your life?

The ability to concentrate all your attention is so
important. No matter what task or job you have to get
done as nothing great or significant can be accomplished
without proper effort and concentration. Almost all of us
have some sort of difficulty in the concentration of our

Workers in business and industry, students in high school
and college and even professors in universities complain
of the same difficulty.

It is said that the power to concentrate all your
attention is vital as it stands at the very centre of
most if not all mental activity. No matter from what
angle we view the mind, its excellence always seems to
depend upon the power to concentrate all our attention.

Concentration may be defined as being that state of mind
in which the entire energies of the individual, physical
as well as mental, are focused upon the thing they are
doing or thinking. All actions and all thoughts not
connected with what they are doing or thinking are kept
out of the mind

If we examine a growing child, one of the first things we
will see is the power they have in them to pay attention
or to notice things.

When we examine the ability of normal adults we do so by
means of tests that require close concentration of
attention and we regard anyone who is able to maintain
close focused and concentrated attention for long periods
of time as a person of strong mind or will.

So real concentration may be broken down into just 2

1. The voluntary focusing of all our power and attention
in the selecting of certain objects to be attended to.

2. And the ignoring of other objects which act as

But even in spite of our most careful provisions, there
will still be distractions which cannot be eliminated.
For example, you cannot stop the noise of planes flying
over or cars driving past while you are trying to work,
plan or study.

And you cannot build a fence around the thoughts and
focus of your mind so as to keep out unwanted and
irrelevant ideas. The best thing you can do is to accept
the inevitable that the presence of some distractions
will always exist and to realize that in order to
concentrate and pay attention properly, it is necessary
to form the habit of ignoring these distractions.

You can simply start out by making a strong determined
effort to ignore all distractions practice ignoring them
and try your best not to let a slip occur.

Also, at the same time, try to develop interest in the
object you are concentrating all your attention on,
because we tend to pay more attention to those things in
which we are most interested.

It’s easy for any one to say, concentrate but you need to
know exactly how to concentrate. Remember that to
concentrate is merely the act of applying your entire body
and mind, to the task or action in hand.

Every effort of the mind, whether its to

Perceive something

Recollect something

Associate something

Imagine something

Even to judge something

Must all involve some concentration of the faculties of
the mind upon that particular action, task or act,
whatever it may be!

As you start to develop a firm interest in your field of
work or study and as you develop the habit of ignoring
distractions you will be able to concentrate your powers
of attention with less and less effort.

Another important fact to note is that as you develop the
power to select objects for the concentration of all your
attention, you also develop at the same time, other mind
power processes. You will improve the ability to memorize
and recall much more, to fine tune and manage better your
time and effort. And also, the power to control your future
thoughts and actions.

In short, developing your power to concentrate and focus
all your attention means developing power in all the
mental processes. With that being said, I want to finish
by giving you the 2 top keys of concentration. For every
one of us, concentration will always mean…

1. You must identify for yourself what is most important
and essential to you and try to filter out everything

2. Selecting and focusing on what is most important to us
and disregarding what is not and also knowing which tasks
and jobs have top priority.

These are the two main steps towards developing strong
concentration. Recognizing the essential and leaving out
the non-essential.

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Harness The Power Of Words

Harness The Power Of Words
Copyright © Craig Warren

Speaking comes to most people as naturally as breathing.
On many occasions our words are uttered without conscious
thought. In fact, we rarely stop and think about what we
are saying. Thousands of words pour out of our mouths
each day as our thoughts, opinions, judgements and
beliefs are freely expressed. Often however, we are
oblivious to the positive or negative effect these words
have on ourselves and the people around us.

Words have tremendous power. Words give out energy and
a message which creates a reaction in others. Everything
you say produces an effect in the world. Whatever you say
to someone else will produce some kind of an effect in
that person. We are constantly creating something, either
positive or negative with our words. Reaction to our words
often returns to us often in a multiplied form. For
example, if I speak words of judgement to a person they
will judge me back, probably with more intensity as their
judgement has the pain or anger caused by my words
attached to it Words of kindness and acceptance will
generate a warm and appreciative reaction in a person.
That persons response to the words will be stronger
because it will have the emotion created by the words
attached to it. The power of words has a ripple effect
in our life and those around us.

If you know anything about Dr Emoto and his studies on
water crystals. He took samples of water, froze them and
took photographs of the water crystals. He then wrote
words on vials of water taken from the same source. The
crystals formed in the vials which had positive words,
such as love and gratitude, were beautiful. However the
crystals in the vials with negative words such as hate and
evil were very different, and the water didn’t even form
crystals in some instances. Experiments were done using
words from different languages and also by the scientists
having no knowledge of what the words meant. The results
were similar. Although I find the concepts of quantum
physics difficult to grasp, the findings of this study on
water crystals has had a profound impact on me. The
human body is known to be composed of up to ninety percent
water. If words had such a significant impact on water
crystals, then what is the impact of positive and negative
words to our bodies?

An important key to success in life is to understand the
power of words. A word is a thought internalized. Our
thoughts do have a great effect on us even though they
are internal. What we think affects the way we live our
life, it affects our emotions, our attitudes and our
behavior. A thought spoken however, has even more power.
It can never be taken back, it’s out of our mouth and
will have an effect. Our words have even more power than
our thoughts because they not only affect ourselves, but
the people and the world around us.

Successful people take control of their words, rather
than letting their words control them. They are more
conscious of their thoughts and words and the power they
unleash. Successful people understand that they need to
speak positively rather than negatively in order to see
success. Successful people are characterized by the
words that they speak. They know the importance of
speaking words that will build self-esteem and confidence,
build relationships and build possibilities. They speak
words of affirmation, encouragement, love, acceptance and

To see more personal success, the words that we speak
need to be in alignment with what we want to see being
produced in our life our vision and our dreams. Your words
can determine your destiny. Even more importantly, your
words can make a positive difference on the people you
interact with every day. Before you speak ask yourself,
Is what I am about to say going to uplift the listener?
Will it inspire, motivate and create forward momentum
for them? Will it dissolve fear and create safety and
trust? Will I create a positive or negative ripple effect
by speaking out these words? Lets be determined to
unleash the power of words for positive change.

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Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submissions
Copyright © Craig Warren

The act of submitting specific URLs to popular search
engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! to ensure the web
page gets indexed is called search engine submissions.
Search Engine Submission is often seen as a way to
promote a website. There are two basic reasons to submit
a website or web page to a search engine. The first
reason is to add an entirely new website because the
site operators would rather not wait for a search engine
to discover them. The second is to have a web page or web
site updated in the respective search engine.

How websites are submitted

There are two basic methods still in use today that would
allow search engine submissions. They can either submit
one web page at a time. Or, they can submit their entire
site at one time with a sitemap. However most of the
times, with just submitting the home page, most search
engines are able to crawl a site, provided that it is
crawler friendly.

In order to get a good placement in various search
engines, webmasters must optimize their web pages. Many
variables come into play, such as the placement and
density of desirable keywords, the hierarchy structure of
web pages employed in a web site, the number of web pages
that link to a given web page etc. The Google search
engine also uses a concept called page rank.

Google Sitemaps was introduced in June 2005 so web
developers could publish lists of links from across their
sites. The sitemap is used to make the search engine
aware of the site and the pages on the site. At this
moment XML sitemap support Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, MSN.
The location of the Sitemap can also be specified using a
robots.txt file to help search engines find the sitemaps

Web sites desire to be listed in popular search engines
because that is how most people access web sites. People
like to search for information on the web at what is
known as a search engine. Sites that appear on the first
page of a search are said to be in the top 10. Clicking
on a hyperlink causes the found web page to appear in the
searchers web browser.

What Exactly Is Involved In Search Engine Submission
Many people think search engine submission is the act of
submitting your websites URL, to the search engines so
that they know your website exists, list you in their
index and start sending traffic your way. At the most
basic assumption is true but there are a number of flaws
which reveal search engine submission to be little more
than a meaningless hello to the search engines. First,
search engines mostly find websites by following
hyperlinks from other sites. That’s why quality webpage
content and quality links are extremely important in
order to succeed online. The fact that a search engine
knows you exist, doesn’t mean that it will simply send
traffic your way.

Search engines have millions and sometimes billions of
sites indexed, so why would they think your site is so
special that they would bypass all other sites to send
traffic your way. Just as there are potentially billions
of pages in the indexes of the search engines that matter
there are sometimes millions of other pages with content
similar to yours with whom you’ll be competing against for
search engine traffic. So, even if you do submit your URL
to the search engines it is still highly unlikely that
they will start sending significant traffic your way.

The Flip Side of Search engine submission

Search engine submission of a website, if performed
incorrectly, can cause a web site or web page to be
removed from search engine databases. Successful search
engine submission, on the other hand, can make a
webmaster’s hard work pay huge rewards. URL search engine
submission of any website, to say the least, is full of
pitfalls for the honest hard-working webmaster or web

Search engine submission rejection, of a web page or web
site, can be attributed to many factors. Did you know
that there is one little unknown factor, concerning the
choice of web hosting server, which will lead to
certain URL search engine submission failure of any

Now more and more businesses are awakening to the
realization that in order to survive on and offline solid
investment in search engine submission is needed, and
those unaware of the actualities of how search engine
submissions works are eagerly signing on, not realizing
that they could be wasting their money, and worse,
distancing themselves from the search engines instead of
getting closer to the top of the rankings pages.

If the task seems somewhat daunting, or you’re too busy
running your online business to get involved with the
technical end of search engine submission, you can find a
reputable SEO company who will do it for you.

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